JAKQ – Episode #02

JAKQ (2.0)


Thanks for all of your hard work, team! Today’s actually my birthday, so here’s something that all of us can enjoy together! c: The show starts off strong with a focus episode for the best JAKQ member (in my humble opinion), and it’s pretty good! There were so many casualties, though… Poor Sam… All he wanted to do was dance! Geez! There was also that one part towards the end, where Jack literally skewered four mooks through the chest with his sword and made a shish kabob out of them… That is a level of brutal that you simply won’t see in modern Sentai. On a lighter note, the MOTW has giant man melons! Why are you still reading this? Go give it a watch, let us know what you thought! Please enjoy! Here’s hoping that you all have a wonderful week! ^^



Sky79 [Translator]
Shourikan [Translation Checker (Whole Episode) + Torrent Maker]
Nemet [Quality Control (QC) + Assistant Editor]
Makibishi [Timer + AegiSub Veteran]
Ais [Translation Checker (Certain Lines)]
Angel [Group Founder + Other Jobs]


The title of this episode refers to a Japanese card game called “Two-Ten-Jack“. There are supposedly many references to card games in the titles, so we’ll keep an eye out for ’em! Many thanks to our friends from Rampage Subs for pointing that out! They’re wonderful people!

Jack refers to Yamanouchi as “Yama-san”, but “Mr. Yama” didn’t seem to fit him very well. So, with their relationship in mind, we went with “Coach” instead. It’s not such a bad idea, right?

The line that starts at [0:20:46.95] should be translated literally as “It’s time to punish you!”, but Nemet had the fine idea of using something card game related in place of this!

MegaBeast Empire‘s Champstice pointed out that the dialogue was placed a bit too high, but at the time I was being a lazy noob and didn’t think that… Okay, well, it’s fixed now! Ta-daaa..!!



  1. Ryu had some pretty cool development this episode. Those flashbacks really helped me get a feel for how pissed off he was. A quick note, prior to the Koback, the A in JAKQ is missing. It’s a little faint, but Gorou definitely said more than JKQ.

    Also, happy birthday Angel! 🙂

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    1. Right!? Hmm… Are you sure about that? I’m not the translator, but I went back to the line and I don’t think that there’s an ‘A’ there (I do hear what you might be talking about, though). I think that he’s actually addressing his teammates and he’d be the ‘A’ in that case, so he wouldn’t refer to himself? Maybe I’m wrong though, would you like me to ask Sky to double check? (:

      Thank you very much! It really warms my heart that so many people here took the time to say happy birthday, it means a lot!


  2. Ah yes, random black guy eating spaghetti…oh and your first expeirence this season of one of the most unexpected running gags of JAKQ: Pink Lady. (no seriously, there’s a Pink Lady song in this episode and a couple other mentions in this season.

    Next time: GAVA…DENZIBL…BATTLE KE…ER…yeah, him.

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    1. He’s not random, his name is Sam and he’s very important to the plot!!!!!!! Hahaha, but yeah xD We knew that it was Pink Lady, but chose not to translate the lyrics. In retrospect, maybe we should have. ;-;



      1. Poor Sam. Its sad that we don’t get enough Africans in Sentai.

        Yeah, this is the only real deliberate Pink Lady song in the series (S.O.S I believe it was this time around); the other references are later and don’t require their music per se.

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  3. “The line that starts at [0:20:46.95] should be translated literally as “It’s time to punish you!”, but Nemet had the fine idea of using something card game related in place of this!”

    I’d rather you didn’t translate like this. I’m all for liberal translations so that they flow better, but to completely change a line to one you think is better I feel is to go too far. If the original writer didn’t write the line to have something to do with card games, I don’t think you should either.


    1. Let me start by saying that I understand your concern, and I believe it to be a valid one, after all, we’re all here because we care about these shows.

      I’ll provide a little insight into how we deal with this sort of a change.
      When the show comes to me for editing, I approach it as an editor at a newspaper or publishing company would. I treat it as a rough work in need of fine-tuning and polish.
      I never approach it as something set in stone.
      Usually Angel spots parts that need a bit of work, and I tweak those lines so that they work better in English, usually using contextual clues to figure out the most appropriate way to fix a line.
      The “It’s time to punish you!” line was one that Angel marked as problematic and rightly so. It did not seem to live up to the quality of the rest of the writing in the show.
      This line falls into the long-but-aptly-named “The group has transformed and are telling the bad guy they’re going to kick his butt” category.
      I saw an opportunity to take a dull, generic line and tie it in with the visual theme of the show, adding a bit more cohesion between the dialogue and the visual style, without changing the basic meaning of the line (talking down to the villain before beating on him).
      I came across several idioms that would fit the context of the scene, and provided them to Angel, who then presented those options to Sky, who chose the one we went with in the end. It was a decision we made together, and in that process, we stand together.

      It’s okay if you don’t agree with the decision that we came to, and when editing in the future I will certainly keep your comment in mind as I believe it to be valid.
      However I believe that we are quite careful in our process to keep the context of a scene true to the source material and show it the love and respect it deserves. I honestly don’t believe that we have gone “too far” as you say, but sometimes as people we use strong words to get our point across.

      We do this work because we love these shows, and we know that you do too.

      Thanks for your feedback.

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  4. Thank you as always !

    I thought this episode was a bit better than the first one. Still not in love with the show, but it’s watchable. I was a bit affraid Ryu would be that type of character who is supposed to be cool but end up bland. I’m glad i was wrong. I think that was a good focus for him. And his actor is probably the only decent actor in the show. Especially compared to Daichi. At least, he had more lines this time. I wonder if he have a special powers like the others.

    I’m a bit surprised the first focus episode is for Ryu since, usually, the first focus episode is for the Red. I’m excited for the next episode since i want to learn more about Karen. Not really interested by Sakurai and Daichi for now, but we’ll see.

    Anyway, Sam was definitly the best part of this episode. He was so important and the actor was so great ! Saddest death in Super Sentai History. Sarabara, Sam 😦

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  5. Can I talk a little about “punish” sentence again?
    What I hear him saying is something in meaning “The divine punishment has come to you” (of course I may be wrong, this is my opinion, what I get from those words, and to tell the truth, Goro’s speech is sometime very difficult to hear ) .. feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.
    Which may be poetic way of saying, that they will kill him, or beat etc. I know, it sounds very weird, even in my own language. Because I’m not native speaker in English, I couldn’t find any saying, which would be appropriate as a translation for this. That’s why I only made a comment, where I wrote what he is saying literally and left it for someone else, who’s better in English than me.
    After that, I’ve received some idioms from Angel. One of them was “bad hand” version which I thought is the one I would have used, if I had known it. (I suppose, this was used, or not?).
    To be sure, I wrote him back, that if he wants to use more literall translation, he should go with “We/I will punish you”, since those are the words, Goro is using.
    But .. if it doesn’t show the impact, it should have made, then it’s better to use something more liberal, and for this he should rather go with “bad hand” version.
    Since the original version was in poetic way, I think using a “poetic” way in English isn’t bad either.

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    1. Sorry, I tend to forget about those and it’s been a busier week than usual. I’ll have it made early next week, ideally Monday or Tuesday. I’ll reply back to this comment again to give you a head’s up when I do. (:

      I strongly agree that we need more Showa Sentai subbed!


  6. I actually don’t mind the translation of the line, but it changes the intent a small bit. The original was a line that basically amounted to giving someone their comeuppance (basically, being rightly punished for their actions). The line that you guys went with changes it so that it means everything went wrong with the plan outside of his control.

    The difference is small, and it’s just a throw-away line so it hardly matters, but there’s a difference none-the-less. In the original, it’s clear that the line is meant to say that the monster is being punished for actions that he took (hence the use of “tenbatsu”, which is divine punishment). In otherwords, he did something to deserve retribution. In your rewrite, it’s more like it’s more luck-based. Which I guess it IS bad luck that JAKQ was there to foil his plan, but…yeah.

    I probably would’ve gone with someone as simple as “time for your just desserts”. Or something to that effect.

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    1. I definitely get what you mean. It still feels like a small enough liberty to be acceptable in the big picture of things though, and we did agree upon it. :X

      we could look it over again when it’s time for the final batch, maybe?


      1. Oh, I’m not saying it’s a bad take on the line. It hardly matters at all since all it amounts to is battle dialogue. I just felt the need to explain the differences that the choice presented.

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      1. Take your time on the next episode! I just finished ep 3 and 4, haha. The quality is really good *0* I honestly think the subs are great too in my opinion, keep up the good work!

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  7. I still notice you haven’t rectified the /n issue.

    Fix this to further increase my enjoyment of the subs of the fansubbing for the fans that see subs n stuff… n things…. ❤

    P.S You're a maPNESS kk.

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    1. Me thinks that you’re the first person ever who’s told us that we’re on fire, lol

      But, thank you! Am happy to hear that you’re enjoying it, hopefully we’ll have the next episode out soon (:


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