JAKQ – Episode #01

JAKQ (1.0)

JAKQ is a project that we’ve been hoping to start for a longgg time, and it simply wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of us doing our parts. So, hats off to all of you! We’re also excited to introduce our new translator friend, the ever talented Sky79, who most of you may recognize from KITsubs! The first episode actually seemed pretty solid, so one has to wonder why this show was inevitably cancelled. Hm? Anyway, we really hope that you enjoy our work, and please look forward to the rest of the series! It’s Friday, so be sure to have a wonderful weekend!



You know, this is the most difficult task for me. I don’t know what to write. I mean, I don’t have something specific for JAKQ. I just thought, ‘why not’ and tried. After all, when everyone is alright with all this, then I don’t really mind to help you. I like their costumes, though. And after a little, they all are actually very nice. So I will do my best in translating. But if you had came with Battle Fever, I probably would have rejected you :). (since that’s the worst series, I’ve seen until now – currently on GoggleV). Maybe after translating all episode, I will have more thoughs about it πŸ™‚


Sky79 [Translator]
Shourikan [Translation Checker (Whole Episode) + Torrent Maker]
Nemet [Quality Control (QC) + Assistant Editor]
Makibishi [Timer + AegiSub Veteran]
Ais [Translation Checker (Certain Lines)]
Angel [Group Founder + Other Jobs]


Bunny Hat (FortMax) ~ For providing the excellent raws! For free! Seriously, that’s awesome! ^^


Sakurai / Spade Ace’s element is ‘denshi’, or electrons (electronic). However, on the other hand, Ryu / Diamond Jack’s happens to be electricity (electric). To better differentiate the two, Sakurai’s element will instead be referred to as ‘nuclear’, since that’s the source of his power and what not.

We’re experimenting with text effects in the karaoke, so let us know if you like them or not!



  1. Nuclear power does not use electrons, it is as the name suggests, to do with the nucleus of the atom. Only time electrons get involved is when they end up in the nucleus.

    Sorry, just had to be pedantic about this.

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  2. Cool, someone’s picked this show up. I was wondering when someone would be doing it.

    Incidentally, I think I recall seeing you mention something about you guys doing Flashman at some point… Is this true? ‘Cause that’d be really cool.

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    1. We’d truly love to do Flashman, we even have the first five episodes and the movie translated already, but we have our hands full and no intention of starting another project until something is finished off. :X


      1. Yeah, even if you’ve already got those episodes and movie translated already, it’s probably a good idea for you to wait until you’re finished with something else, so there aren’t long gaps in between Flashman episodes.

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      1. I’d actually think that being compared to Haro’s project isn’t that bad, you have to admire a group that’s kept at it for seven years without giving up ~


    1. It feels wonderful to be involved in helping get these shows subbed, so we’re pretty happy too! c:

      Si, the next episode is indeed Jack focused. He’s my favourite so far though, so I can’t complain ^____^


  3. Ah J.A.K.Q…that is an…interesting series. The series actually starts off with ambition but…it just goes all over the place. It is probably my least favorite Sentai of all I’ve seen but it has great things so great to have it out there.

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      1. Its a bit more complicated than that. If I were to explain J.A.K.Q., I say its basically “three parts”:

        Pt. 1 (1-12): The “serious” section of the series, very dramatic but with endearing Rangers
        Pt. 2 (13-22): A bit lighter; a couple more “kid episodes” and more telling in how one character in particular seems completely different.
        Pt. 3: (23-32): The “Big One” section; pretty much anything can and does happen as they try to save the show
        Endgame: (34-35): I separate it out even if its part of pt. 3 (since Big One is still around) since it really is the entire series in a nutshell; no spoilers but there is a massive case of whiplash with all that happens, some of it amazing, some…you just have to shrug your shoulders and deal with.

        I remember some reviewers (like JewWario) saying they seemed to prefer the Big One stuff but I honestly prefer the early parts of the series.

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      2. Oh, geez, wow… I hope that JAKQ is still enjoyable through the whole ride, even if it isn’t quite what we started with. :[ A weird thing for me is, I thought that Big One was supposed to be awesome but a lot of people don’t seem too fond of him in his own show lmfao


    1. I think the appeal of Big One is more due to his actor and his past work; plus for him this is more or less just having fun. As much as I can’t stand Banba, Hiroshi Miyauchi is still awesome.

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  4. See, i knew it :p

    It’s interisting that you work on Goranger AND JAKQ because… you know, JAKQ VS Goranger.

    Is it me, or the RAW look better than Goranger lol ?

    I thought the episode was decent. It gave a solid introduction for Karen and Ryu. From what i’ve seen, they are the one who get the most focus during the serie. Hard to judge Bunta since he was dead for most of the episode XD. Goro seems a bit bland so far. It’s strange, because it feel even more retro than Goranger. I like the suits but the weapons and vehicules look very cheap.

    It’s hard to judge a serie on the first episode so i’m not sure what to think about it yet. We’ll see i guess. But it’s definitly an interisting project. A lot of people wanted to see it subbed and there is less episode than all the other Sentai so thank you.

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    1. Of course, but I couldn’t say anything back then you smart cookie! πŸ˜›

      We’re only assisting with GoRenger, but si, I know what you mean. ^^’

      I guess that it does look a bit better, maybe it’s the 10-bit?

      Ryu’s actually my favourite so far, so I can’t complain! And I do like the retro feel to it. c: Not sure what to say about the weapons or vehicles as a whole quite yet, but I actually think that the Sky Ace looks way cooler than the Variblune ~

      You’re welcome, we’re looking forward to finishing JAKQ, and I hope that you enjoy it! (:


      1. To quote what Bunnyhat said about the dvd sources: “JAKQ was from new (though dirty) scans of a film master. Goranger’s DVDs use who-knows-how-old tape masters. They’re pretty good for tape masters, though. They have minimal dot crawl and rainbowing (unlike Jetman), and there isn’t any smearing on bright elements (like any text overlays on Sharivan)”
        It’s pretty much just that Goranger’s dvds aren’t all that good, especially in comparison to some other shows, but still fare better then some shows that the video is even worse (Jetman/Stronger, for example)

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  5. Oleeee!! JAKQ DENGEKITAI!! I don’t believe this. this is awesome.. thanks for hearing my request.. ARIGATOOOOO.. You’re all really really LOVE & CARE guys, like the name of this fansubs.. πŸ™‚

    Please.. continue JAKQ and Turboranger. pleasee, don’t drop it.. 😦 pleaseeee don’t drop it…. πŸ˜₯ i’ve been waiting for a long time to found someone who subs this 2 awesome series.

    Terima Kasih.. πŸ™‚ JAKKAA KOBAKKUU!!

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    1. I ran ‘atomic’ by a translator friend, and he wasn’t too keen on it… I think that we’ll probably just revert it back to electronic and electric like Sky originally put, though I’m not sure if changing one word would merit a v2. :X


      1. Aren’t those kind of the same thing though? There must be some other to put it than “electronic”. I can see that being a little confusing.

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      2. Which is exactly why we were opting for another term in the first place, but eh… Don’t worry though, we’ll figure something out. (:


  6. you need to use the styles manager more efficiently……….set up parameters for each type of sub and use it for each episode. using \N in every line is a waste of time, along with your use of scripting the position for every line of text……………….set up rt/lf margins at 30, and for example use 20 for the vertical alignment of the english dialogue………

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    1. I know, I know. You’re not the first person to have said something about it, but it’s an awful habit that’s carried over from when I self-taught AegiSub. :[

      I think that you’re the first person who’s ever said anything about /N, though D:


      1. Aegisub is initially set for text wrap around top greater than bottom…………..the program will format the text for u…………..when the script is complete, u just cursor down thru every line and put an \N only when you see a line that needs adjustment.

        You see this adjustment maybe 5-10 times with other fansub groups in their completed sub file.

        Download a script from “overtime” and see how many times they use \N…………only few times here and there.

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    1. …Dang it, I knew I was forgetting something. I’ll have it made and uploaded within this week, I promise (I have no idea if JAKQ will have torrents though, I’ll have to ask Shourikan about it)

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    1. Yes, of course. It’s safe to assume that for every project and every group, unless they explicitly state that it’s a one time release or something. πŸ˜›


    1. M’hm, we’ve been planning/crossing our fingers for JAKQ for a longgg time!!

      Heroes is too much though, hahaha (the praise is appreciated though c:)

      I’d very much like that too, and si, we’ll all do our part to make that a reality. ^^

      JAKQ 02 is almost ready!


  7. its nice to see groups picking up some of the older series because I enjoy the designs of a lot of the more retro series. But its a pain to find them in decent quality and subbed. Thanks for covering JAKQ and hope you get around to covering more as time goes on.

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    1. You’re welcome on behalf of all of us, please enjoy (:

      Though, I agree, it’s hard to find anything for older shows and it’d be nice if every tokusatsu series could be readily available subbed one day. πŸ˜›


  8. OMG. THANK YOU! I just found out about you guys thanks to a friend of mine who works on the Tokusubs wiki. I am SO happy because this is one series I really want to watch and I actually got desperate enough to start watching unsubbed episodes. Which meant I only picked up when they said hello and goodbye pretty much (that’s about as far as I’ve gotten in my Japanese lessons). So yay, you guys are my heroes!

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    1. I know exactly how you feel, I’ve given some serious consideration to doing the same thing for Flashman, Battle Fever J (before Nemet came along) etc. etc.

      But, si, you’re welcome on behalf of all of us! I hope that you get the most out of our project! c:

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  9. just got done watching the 3 eps very different used to late 80s 90s sentai the outfits are cool can not say much about the rangers in 3 eps need at least 5 to get a good understanding but overall and thank for the subs angel

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it, hopefully we’ll have the next one out soon ^^

      And you’re welcome on behalf of all of us, we’re a group I’m just the person who usually does the talking lol


      1. lol its fine i thought there was more of you most fansubs groups are a team with one persoin i want to get more into the 80s and 70s stuff but the subs that are now are 90s and 2000s and i do not like tv nihon i have to the japan english gives me a headache


      1. well do getting back into sentai now last time i really watched was back in 09 with deka and magi and bokenger at that time tv nihon subs where the only ones really around i am waching maskman now and at ep 23 i plan to watch from there in order of whats out

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