TurboRanger – Episode #06

TURBO (6.0)

Hm… I’ve been sitting here for awhile. Coming up with introductions is harder than you’d think. *Shrug* Anyway, what’s up? We get to kick things off with a good one starring Haruna… Err, sorta? Like, yeah, she has her moments (and I think they’re neat) but today’s story mostly centers around two kids and their grandfather… Oh, and a rather l-lewd looking Bōma Beast. We also get front row seats to the debut of our team’s individualized weapons, which have a good sense of variety to them. I’m not kidding… Shunsuke gets a bowgun! Did you hear me? A bowgun! But yeah, enjoy yourselves! As for when our next episode will be… We’re still waiting for one of our members to come back, so we can’t really say for sure. But we’re fine and still doing what we can in the mean time, so don’t worry.



Shourikan [Translator + Torrent Maker]
Nemet [Quality Control (QC)]
Makibishi [Timer + AegiSub Veteran]
Ais [Translation Checker (Certain Lines)]
Angel [Editor]

As Shourikan puts it, our guest characters speak “kinda standard Tokyo with just a dash of country.” So we gave them a slight difference in how we handled their dialogue, but nothing overly imposing to avoid stereotyping and to convey they speak closer to the standard dialect. In short, you won’t find anything like “darn tootin’!”, “what in tarnation?!” or other stuff like that here.
Just in case this wasn’t clear, the line at [0:11:10.11] is in quotations because she’s attempting to quote what grandpa said earlier (at [0:01:54.73] if I remember correctly) but didn’t quite get it word for word.
Grandpa is singing “Souran! Souran!” starting at [0:11:22.56], which is a Japanese ‘sea shanty’ song originating from Hokkaido (the second largest island of Japan). “Souran!” itself has no direct translation and we couldn’t find a fitting English sea shanty for localization purposes, so we just made up our own little tune. Props to Makibishi for pointing this out!
During the next episode preview at [0:19:37.39], the word that is being said is just plain ol’ ‘Jaw’ but the wiki had the Bōma Beast’s name down as ‘Great Jaw’… So with that in mind, we decided on ‘Strong Jaw’ instead.

56 thoughts on “TurboRanger – Episode #06

  1. Yeah, it’s not her best episode, but it’s not her worst, believe me XD I really love this show and it’s better without the terrible french dub XD

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    • I’ve seen that, it was a while back. But the teacher I was assisting, showed it to her class for entertainment. It was laughable but fun nonetheless.


    • Are you telling me Haruna regularly plays second fiddle in her own focus episodes? xD And si, Turbo’s great! Can’t wait to get to Nagare Bōma in a few c:


      • The episode with Five Yellow is technically a Haruna focus episode but she does basically nothing. Her others episodes are a bit cliché but still good. And her last focus episode + the one where she save Youhei are absolutly amazing.

        I finished the serie recently and it was really awesome. Can’t wait to erase the french dub from my memory XD

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    • @ Chris

      Haruna seems like a really underrated pink, doesn’t she? 😛 And Remi is adorable, I’m looking forward to her actresses’ cameo!

      Wait but, didn’t you say before that there wasn’t a French dub for the whole series? Or does this mean the French subber finished translating? O.o


    • Man, that dude whooped our butts in terms of release pace then……. But wow, the French fandom is so lucky! Congrats! We should be a bit further ahead, but we’re still missing a member so… Err anyway, did the guy express an interest in any other series? We’ve got someone reasonably fluent in French on staff, so..!! c:


  2. I forgot that the episodes are one off because of the special you did. Still a good series and can’t wait for the next episode.


  3. Welcome back to the land of Turboranger; where we appreciate our Japan. (that’s actually one of the awesome things about this season; they actually travel all over the place throughout the nation throughout the season, from the wintery area during the opening battle with the Boma to later storylines in Hokkaido and Shikoku…I think they go to Kyushu once too) Also find it funny that the kid for the episode becomes the main villain of KR Blade: Missing Ace…

    Next time: BACKSTORY! (well OK, for a character who needs it that won’t matter in the end but hey…backstory)

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    • Do they?! That sounds like a lot of fun, like an upbeat and lighthearted anime series… Also, we were actually talking about that (the kid being in Kamen Rider Blade) but we worked on this episode months and months ago so we forgot to mention it in our release post xD

      Which character? The next one is about a couple o:


      • Yeah; an upcoming episode is actually about a Hokkaido route but you’ll know which one when you reach it. As for the kid; yeah, it sort of isn’t that important. You usually don’t get actors (including kids) starting out in this franchise ultimately becoming something important that often. (only other major ones I know of are Conductor showing up in Gorenger…and I think the actress who eventually became Cure Black in the first PreCure season being a “kid of the week”…many say ToQ 6gou but I think they’re wrong since the name does not match between him and the kid from Zyuranger)

        As for who: more or less it’s Zimba’s backstory. (yeah Riki focus but we get a bit more about Zimba…it’s too bad that with the later shifts in the season that it really doesn’t come to anything but that’s spoilers)


      • Wait, you mean the Conductor as in from ToQ? The heck?? And iunno, y’know some actors end up using aliases so that might explain why the names don’t match? And yeah, I totally forgot the next one also has some tragic character development for Zimba… It’s been awhile since I’ve watched it. ;~; It did make me wonder if the other Bōma would get similar backstories, though. But I kinda doubt it because I think I know what you’re talking about. :X


      • The sad thing about Zimba is he really only has two episodes in focus: this and his final episode. Despite what happens, I do think the early generals do get the sufficient story development that works for them considering what happens.. (well sufficient for what they end up with and what happens; at least they’re the main focus for a while and you have a while before “that character” shows up and changes everything)

        And yeah…Rampage is getting close to the episode with Conductor. It’s actually Peggy’s Shichi-henge episode. (Rampage just finished off Magman and it’s literally the third episode after Golden Mask takes over, though Rampage is going to do the movie alongside those two episodes)

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      • ..? Really? Only two… What a shame, he was my favourite villain among the Bōma thus far. :\ Still, at least we get to enjoy their company for a good chunk of the series yeah. And just to make sure by “that character”, we’re talking about “her” right?

        Ah! http://powerrangers.wikia.com/wiki/Ep._57:_The_Black_Encircling_Net!_Five-Faced_Peggy I’m totally gonna watch it when we get to it! c: I’m actually not sure (or at least wasn’t told) if we’d be doing the movie, but I sure hope we do. ^-^


      • Forgot to say thank you for your work on Goranger. I don’t care that it doesn’t have giant mech fights. If the monsters had to grow then I’d use the little brother version from Battle Fever, minus the star gem.

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      • You can thank Shourikan and SentaiFan, who do lurk these comments so they hopefully/probably read it (: And of course Rampage as a whole, who do a bulk of the work and have been gracious partners!


      • Actually meant “the male one”; the “female one” is important too and basically leads to the massive shifts later on, but the first one shows up in a bit of time. (episode 14, which means you still have about 8 episodes of peace and quiet for the Boma)

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    • Ah, alright then! “She” debuts around the time the current villains take their leave, so I guess I misunderstood. I’m on episode 15 myself, so I’m already a bit acquainted with “him”. We haven’t actually translated those episodes yet (though Shourikan’s not far behind me), but it seemed like Turbo was beginning to get more interesting so I’m looking forward to revisiting ’em with dialogue (:


      • It’s complicated: “he” appears early on, while “she” sort of appears when the villain shifts begins only for “her” to actually appear once they’re all gone. It’s really weird but it’ll make more sense when it happens.

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      • Hm… Alright, I’ll take your word for it!

        And I’m not gonna lie, chatting with you really makes me want to just go ahead and watch Turbo raw first lmfao


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