JAKQ – Episode #23

JAKQ (23.0)

The legend turns 69 today (or already did yesterday, depending on where you live), and we totally had to join in on the festivities! *confetti* So here’s a special sneak peek of Big One’s debut, which is arguably Hiroshi Miyauchi’s most famous tokusatsu role. The script’s still a bit rough around the edges, but it’s most certainly watchable so we hope that you’ll still enjoy yourselves! But wow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and BEST WISHES to you… Here’s hoping that you’ll be healthy and happy for many more years to come! Wanna tell him personally? Well, you’re in luck ’cause he has a Twitter account! Cheers!

P.S. – Can’t get enough of him? There’s more! Please consider checking out these CLASSICS starring yours truly!
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Tokkei Winspector (as Shunsuke Masaki) HARDER! HARDER!
Choriki Sentai OhRanger (as Naoyuki Miura) DON’T STOP, NOW!



Sky79 [Translator]
Shourikan [Translation Checker (Whole Episode) + Torrent Maker]
Nemet [Quality Control (QC)]
Makibishi [Timer + AegiSub Veteran]
Angel [Editor]





      1. Happy Tanabata. Today is July 7th and it’s time for wishes. My wish is for all Sentai subbers to have a few perfect days for releases.

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      2. Sorry to disappoint, unless we found ourselves a translation checker. But we may have something out soon, though it might not be what you’re expecting (:


      3. I know you need someone to check the work, but I was just hoping for one of those amazing commercial breaks in life Deadpool talked about.
        Have you tried the local colleges for checkers? Japanese was popular where I went to school and you could find a few nerds wanting a sneak peek.

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      4. I can’t speak for the others, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable approaching strangers about this sorta thing… Much less in person. Especially considering how niche tokusatsu is, on top of it all. :\ And the lines we need help with are rather difficult, because they’re the ones that even Shourikan and Sky (who are more than amazing) need help with/a second opinion on.

        But, y’know? We appreciate the well wishes. We have like two releases in the pipeline, but we’ll begin looking around for a translation checker after that. Thank you, and don’t worry about us (:


      5. If you’ve had to take a foreign language class before and you’re on good terms with the teacher, asking them to introduce you to the Japanese teacher could be possible. Also don’t judge a book by its cover because one of my college Spanish teachers was fully American and the other was Spanish, but he had a flair for being Scottish. The guy played the bagpipes and wore kilts.

        Always remember to smile to anyone you meet because you may see them a lot. I got to know the members of my English department pretty well and when I see them around town they’re curious to know what I’ve done since graduation. I’m sure your former teachers would do the same.


      6. You could do what GUIS does and release something and post a link to see if a viewer found a mistake. One thing that might help is to show a sad child or animal with a caption saying something like “please sir, I need some help” or a request for help with the translations.

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      7. GUIS does that mostly for straight up quality control issues though, like typos or even missing lines. Look, I really do appreciate your concern but you don’t have to worry about us. It’s not your job to worry. In a way, we ‘chose’ to delay ourselves to wait for our friend to come back. We’ll be fine.


  1. It’s… It’s not my fault, ok ? I’m weak… I couldn’t resist. I had to watch this episode… It was so good !!! I missed this show so much and now i need more JAKQ in my life XD

    Atomic Witch was… weird. Big One was pretty cool and i love Karen’s new wig. I missed Mitchie Love’s bad acting lol. Ah, it was so coooooooolllllll !

    Thank you for your amazing job, as always ^^

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      1. I’ve seen Michi Love in a few movies(Sister Street Fighter: Fifth Level Fist for one), and she usually has shorter hair, so my belief is thatthe short hairdo is her real hair, and the ridiculously long hair she had at the beginning of JAKQ was a wig. It should also be noted that she was a Karateka and a member of the Japan Action Club, so it would make sense for an actress specializing in action and fight scenes to have shorter hair. But that’s just my theory, and I could very well be wrong. One interesting bit of trivia, all of the female sentai team members from the first three shows are all at least half foreign, so I wonder if that was to add an international flair to the show. On Goranger, Peggy’s name is not in the Japanese order(surname first), denoting she’s a foreigner(I recall reading somewhere that she is supposed to be from Switzerland!). The same is true for Karen Mizuki on JAKQ(name order), denoting she wasn’t raised in Japan but came their later on to join the Police force. And Diane/Miss America on Battle Fever was an American FBI agent who came to Japan to be a part of the team(and to avenge her father’s death at the hand of EGOS).

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      2. Maybe you’re right, but I still don’t see why either hairstyle has to be a wig… xD

        And IIRC, Diane’s father wasn’t killed until they were both already in Japan so I wouldn’t say it was a reason for her going in the first place at least. :L


      3. I think i read somwhere that she wear different wings during the show (Besides the obvious wig she have in all the episodes you released so far lol). That’s why i assumed it was a wig. Now that i think about it, she have short air in Battle Fever J as well.

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  2. Peggy’s father is from Switzerland
    Karen’s mother is from France
    and Diana’s parents are both from America, I think
    Karen is using wig in some episode, though now I don’t remember, if in first or in second half. It seems to be more logical that she has wig with long hair and not short, but I can’t remember which it was.

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      1. What I meant to say is “giant” mech fights. JAKQ is cyborgs against robots. My biggest issue with JAKQ was that the rangers had to permanently alter their bodies in order to gain their powers, of which were never explained as being lost in Gokaiger. I know that JAKQ was created by the guy who did Cyborg 009, but their are only so many things you can do in a live action show with cyborgs.


    1. @ Retro Paladin

      I know what you meant. 😛 And I don’t think their physical enhancements are the same as their power in suit, so you may be overthinking the whole Gokaiger thing.


      1. The physical enhancements were good, but I haven’t seen enough episodes to see what their limits were. Even Doctor Mazenda had her limits. Can’t wait to see more in the future.

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    1. Don’t worry, you were only a year late! Ah? See what I did there? 8) But yeah, true that! I saw some pretty bonkers JAKQ clips, so am totally stoked to get to that part of the show!


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