TurboRanger – Episode #07

TURBO (7.0)

Wanna know something funny? Shourikan translated this episode two years ago, and we had originally slated it for a 2015 release. But then the delays kicked in, and then kicked in some more… I’m sure we’ve all had our doubts that this would ever be finished. But you know, we’ve overcome every sort of adversity imaginable to see this through, and the team and I couldn’t be more proud to present to you all another Turbo today. Thank you so much for being patient with us. While it may not always seem like it, we never stop trying our best and we definitely won’t give up until the end. Oh, and our next release won’t take nearly as long. Anywho, on to business. We get a glimpse of Zimba’s backstory, and it’s pretty cool! There’s also a bit of romance! That’s all I’m willing to say, oh ho ho. So what are ya waiting for?? Go on! We hope you enjoy!



Frank – Thanks for helping out with the translation checking, again!

Zimba’s line at [0:01:37.52] is a reference to a 1947 book titled “In The Forest, Under Cherries In Full Bloom” by Ango Sakaguchi. According to Shourikan, it seems like a nice story and there’s even an anime about it!
Throughout this episode, a phenomenon called “love energy” (or more literally, the “energy from the loving hearts of humans”) is mentioned a number of times. We simplified this as just “love”.
The literal saying at [0:03:42.66] is “Yuki is a demon coach!”
While we localized this in our script, Lehda is actually namedropping a specific kind of demon called Ashura. You can read more about them here.

46 thoughts on “TurboRanger – Episode #07

    • We actually mentioned this last time, but I’m afraid we’re not capable of making the .MP4 hardsubs anymore because I had to re-install my OS and lost the setup. JAKQ 05 only got one because Nanto from The Skaro Hunting Society was kind enough to help out, sorry


      • I have a setup on my computer for doing a mp4 hardsub. I will download the mkv, extract the ass file, and check the fonts against the ones on my computer. If all goes well, I will give it a whirl tonight and let you know how it goes.


      • I have a mp4 hardsub for turboranger 007 ready to go if you would like to use it, contact me via email at artjensen15@hotmail,com to discuss.


      • No, I’m using NCH Prism Plus Video File Converter. Another case of a seemingly simple task not quite working out right. Typically, I just convert the mkv and the result is mp4 w/ hardsub.
        Karoke (Kanji) came out as “?” marks, Karoke (English) came out with “?” marks for the musical notes, and the “O” with glyph on top in “Boma” came out as an empty square outline in Bad Guys (Name) and Episode Title (English) White. Used Aegisub v3.2.2 to try different fonts and adjusted character size until it was close to yours. If you want, I can upload the mp4 to Google Drive and send you a link for it.

        I gave it a shot, but sad that it’s not 100%.This one has me stumped. I’ve heard of Handbrake, but don’t know much about it. I am familiar w/ Aegisub, WinFF, and ffmpeg also. I’m kind of a self taught nerd and like to convert mp4 w/ hardsub to avi and burn to dvd. My dvd recorder plays avi files and I like watching them on big screen tv.

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      • We used to use HandBrake for ours until we started having the same problem (font related issues), which is why we had to change to a far more complicated set up with all these other programs and stuff. Thanks for trying to help out, but from what you’re saying we probably can’t use your .MP4 because of all the font mishaps :X You can go ahead and post a link in our comments section if you’d like though, I’m sure some people would still appreciate it ~


  1. How much longer for more episodes? At least someone did Kamen Rider and Super-1 for a retro experience. That person is also doing Fiveman so that I can binge from that to Gaoranger.


  2. Any ideas on when to expect another release? I worry about groups like this because after a small stream of releases they vanish. Is something wrong on your end and do you need a hug?


    • We’re turtles, but I think we’ve been around long enough to know we won’t just up and disappear without saying anything don’t worry. As far as I can tell, everybody including myself’s just been busy. We’ve been working on stuff, but sometimes it’s a while before we hear from each other on some stuff. But hey, Shou loves hugs so hug him all you’d like! c:


      • Understandable. What’s with the constant avatar changes? The one you got now looks good, but it might be gone in no time. This reminds me of the rapid changing in Curse of the Fatal Death. Look it up for a good laugh and hugs to everyone.


      • If you want an awkward bit of hope, see Three Billboards. It’s dark, but it shows how people can come together. Also, most of it was shot where I live.


  3. Sending positive vibes. Haven’t been feeling too well myself as I don’t have much of a life or friends to call on. Even Organization XIII has more excitement.


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