New torrents

Hello there, everyone! It’s been a while, right?

I could give you all a thousand explanations as to why we’ve been missing, but if you follow Angel on any social media you pretty much already know: life got in our way. But anyway, this post isn’t about that, so… Let’s get down to business!

As some might be aware, if they follow me on Twitter, I’ve been postponing reuploading our torrents, because of stuff. Now that things are a little better for me, I decided to get off my lazy butt, or rather to sit on it, and make torrents we have control over, can edit, and etc. These are batches of the stuff we’ve released so far for both our main shows, but no edits were made. So please, if possible, help us seed them! Links are on the releases page, as always.

You’ll notice that episode 23 of JAKQ, which we released a kinda beta version of to celebrate Miyauchi’s last birthday, is not included in the JAKQ batch: the reason for that is that it is not a finished version yet, and I thought it’s better left behind. It also wasn’t up on our MEGA folder, and I don’t have the file, so…


Okay everyone, this is all for now. I’m hoping Angel will soon enough edit this post with a cute moe anime girl to make it consistent with everything else, so keep an eye out for that. Also, be on the lookout for new stuff from us! We’re gearing up to get back in action, so there are probably going to be some releases happening soon 😀



  1. Hey, this is some very good news to hear…because I really rarely traverse social media lately. Glad to hear that you guys are going to be back in action soon.


  2. Have you guys talked with the guys at Quick and Dirty who are doing Goggle V. They’re already halfway and seem to be good with coding. Note they are using Dead Fish’s scripts and may not go by the play by ear, but it’s a good place for help.


    1. I doubt L&C will be too interested in listing Quick and Dirty’s work. From my reading of their site, the guy doesn’t know Japanese, and he’s using the Portuguese subs (which are known to suck) and then using Google Translate to translate the portuguese to English, and then just modifying it however he feels like so it “tells a story.”

      Sounds like about on par with an HK Bootleg, maybe a bit better, but the notion that he doesn’t know either the source language, or the language it was translated into, but is relying on scrubbing a machine translation of a poor translation of an idiomatic and complex language, does not bode well for accuracy.

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  3. Understood But L&C doesn’t appear to list every available version, they appear to list only those versions that they think are done appropriately, or those versions they think are the best (usually meaning Over-Time instead of TV-Nihon, for example). So given that the guy doing the google-translate version of Goggle V doesn’t even know Japanese, it seems very unlikely that L&C would be interested in listing it, as it’s very unlikely to be a properly accurate representation of the original series.


    1. It’s very watchable and when you see what the characters are doing, you accept the lesser version. I’ll bet once the series is done someone with a better background in Japanese will do an even quicker and dirtier version.
      I wish other subbers would do a quick and dirty version to wet the appetites of fans who have waited so long for the older series.


      1. But if it’s’ not accurate, then viewers are not getting the older series at all — they’re just getting what some guy on the internet makes up. Is that what you want? If so, then sure, Q&D is made for you. The portuguese subs are notorious for being sub-par, and Google Translate is notorious as well. A poor machine translation of a lousy Portuguese translation is not going to yield the viewer catching the meaning and nuance and depth of a classic series. It just isn’t.

        There’s been a version of Timeranger out forever, from RRR – but it’s like not in any way accurate, it’s pretty much fanfiction set to a TimeRanger video. You’ll see that L&C doesn’t list that RRR version either — because it isn’t right. It doesn’t represent the actual dialogue the characters are saying, and so the plot is inaccurate, perhaps even wildly so.

        Frankly I appreciate the Q&D guy’s forthrightness in flat-out saying up front “I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m just trying to do something.” It let me know that I had no interest in watching his version of the series, but if other folks want to, then hey, there’s something for them to see. I’m just saying that you can’t expect L&C to list that version because it almost certainly wouldn’t meet theri criteria.

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  4. If I may say — I have to agree that the Portuguese subs are seriously lacking. When I was working with Shourikan on Goranger, I can tell you that at least (at LEAST) two fluent Japanese speakers worked on every episode, and while I’m not entirely fluent, I certainly know enough Japanese to be somewhat useful, so we effectively had three people who were knowledgeable in the source language. In L&C’s process, a translator who knows both Japanese and English will translate, then they’ll have a second translater do a “translation check.”

    I’m currently working on translating the Skyrider movie “8 Riders vs Galaxy King”. I don’t have the luxury of any translation checkers, so I’ve been using the Portuguese and HK subs to check against, and I’ve got to say — it’s alarming how frequently the Portuguese subs are not only entirely wrong, but not even in the same universe. The HK subs are frequently better, more accurate, than the Portuguese subs are — and the HK are awful. Sometimes the Portuguese is fine, but sometimes it’s totally out there. One line in particular I can cite is when Jaguar Van pulls his sword and shield out, and he says “Jaguar Ken” which translates literally to “Jaguar Sword”. The Portuguese sub clearly had no idea what the character was saying, so they just put in “Now you’re gonna die!” And they did that kind of thing fairly frequently.

    In fact — I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the Portuguese translator didn’t really even try to translate from the Japanese all that much; it’s possible that they actually translated from the HK Subs version. There are some striking similarities where both versions just clearly punted and the Japanese language is clearly saying something entirely different, but both the Portuguese and HK versions end up using very similar language. I can’t imagine how that would be, unless one is a version of the other, and I’m guessing the HK subs are translated from Chinese.

    I can’t warrant that my versions will be perfectly translated, but I can certainly assert that they should be a whole lot more accurate than a Google Translate version of the Portuguese sub. Maybe that Goggle V version will be totally watchable, I don’t know, but I’d be hesitant to buy in to something that was translated entirely from those Portuguese subtitles.

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    1. Okay, I’m not sure if anyone will actually see this comment, but I’d still like to try and clarify why we don’t, and won’t, endorse any of those Goggle V projects. All those projects have one thing in common: they’re scrubs of Google-based translations of the Portuguese scripts available on the internet. It is literally impossible that they would turn out well, and here’s why:

      So, basically you have people who understand very little to nothing of the source language, trying to fix up a machine translation of what are unreliable subs to begin with. Why are they unrealiable, you ask? Well, those Portuguese subs are transcripts of the dub that aired on Brazilian TV some twenty/twenty-five years ago. If you’re familiar with the dubbing process, you know that many lines have to be adapted, so that the VAs can actually match the lips of the caracters on the screen. That usually implies heavier editing than a subbing project would need. That aside, back then it was common to change the names of anything that could sound even remotely funny in Portuguese (or for whatever other reasons. Kotaro doesn’t sound funny in Portutuguese, but BLACK had his name changed to Isamu), so there’s also innacuracies there. Of course, names are easily fixable, but only if you know they have been changed in the first place. Using the same BLACK example given above, if you didn’t know the dub misinterpreted Black Sun as “Black-san”, you’d have no clue you had to fix that, and you’d keep having the Golgom generals call him “Mr. Black”.

      The second part of the problem is that it is a machine translation. Having the dubtitles translated by an actual person who knew both Portuguese and English might actually produce a half-decent script, which could in turn be fixed by a competent editor into a somewhat reliable set of subs to watch the show with. However, all of these guys are fixing machine translations. If you’ve ever tried to translate a sentence using Google, you know the result is more often than not innacurate, and as the sentences get more complex the translations become more and more garbled. Now add to that the fact that these are second-hand translations, from an unreliable souce to begin with, and you can probably get to the conclusion that these are going to be absolute garbage, and not even the most skilled of editors would be able to fix them up if they didn’t know enough Japanese. And trust me when I say this: when you do know enough Japanese to fix a translation like that, it’s much fucking easier to just translate the thing from scratch (I would know, I had to do that for Goranger for a couple episodes).

      So yeah, basically those are the reasons why we (well, I anyway, Angel has stated his own reasons in multiple CuriousCat posts and on other social media of his) feel like these are not worth listing on here.


      1. That clears a lot up, actually. I can say the Philippines Bioman english dub was so far off the mark that it was like an entirely different series. If the Portuguese version started with a dub, then yeah, that explains why they’re so wildly off. Thanks for clarifying that!


    2. For me who doesn’t know japanese..i will take whatever people work on Super Sentai/Kamen Rider/Metal Heroes series either its accurate or not, lacking many doesn’t matter..once it been license, I can’t watch it..


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