Status Update – 2017


Yeah, we all know our last one is just a few scrolls down. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned or something unfortunate comes up, you know? It happens to the best of us. *shrug* Anyway, here we go. It’s a new year, so let’s take our best step forward. πŸ™‚


We had a member of the team go M.I.A. back in late 2015. We waited for him to come back for as long as we could (a year!), but I think we lost a lot more time than we were expecting to… It was a hard decision, but we’ve found someone new to fill the missing role and we hope to get back on track with our new help. Thank you, Frank!


This may come as a surprise to some of you, but we translated so many episodes last year! Just… Oh my Goddd, Shourikan was on fire! It was just like “BAM! BAM! BAM!” at some points! And he’s already halfway through the next episode! It just sucks that we couldn’t actually release though, am I right? :L But, hey, we hope to have Turbo 07 out soon, so that’s something!


We have Go 56 in the pipeline, so we’ll crank that out as soon as we can… Subsequent episodes and the long awaited v2’s are on our partners at Rampage Subs though, because we’re officially caught up on our end. D:


We were finally able to have JAKQ 05 translation checked, so it should be ready to go in a few more passes! And while Sky seemed a little busier last year, she was still able to translate a good number of episodes. Also, she says she hopes to double our backlog this year, and for you KITsubs loyalists out there, to finish translating more episodes of Kamen Rider ’71 as well.


Still deciding, but we may just go ahead and quietly drop this one. We did have a few more scripts in the back and I honestly do enjoy the translation experience, but it doesn’t seem worth the effort anymore thanks to those crappy official subs. *shrug* So, uh, maybe grab our releases while you still can or something?


I think that’s it… We’re not really planning any new projects as of now, though we do have one more collaboration (another movie) coming up… Oh yeah, and we’re working on that Showa Rider guide too. But really, we’d just like to catch up at this point. Anyway, yeah. Wish us luck? In any case, we hope to see y’all again very soon. Please try your best to have a pleasant 2017, ’cause we sure as heck will. Toodles! ^^

25 thoughts on “Status Update – 2017

  1. At least you’re still going. Some of the people who promised to give us animated Dr. Who seem to have vanished entirely. Keep up the good work and I know that the vein of releases will go on for a long time.

    BTW, when you said Meep Meep I know where the origins of that famous call came from. On the set of Looney Toons one day there was a delivery man who made that sound to get people out of the way when he was going fast. One of the producers liked it and now we have the Roadrunner.

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      • Here’s another good one. The famous violin shriek in Psycho was added over the weekend after Mr. Hitchcock said the scene was good. Without the creepy music, you here every stab.

        I guess this new year is going to be full of changes and surprises. Tuesday I got my second niece and I burned her by giving her the initials OCP after the company that made Robocop. I’ve never met the first niece, but that’s because I’m not welcomed around my family.

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  2. Thanks for helping Aka Goggle with his work. Goggle V is a good series because of how cheesy it is. I find the Kongs to be hilarious with the fact they’re just the normal Moozoo with a dome and big pants. The mehcs are odd too because they a lot smaller be fore they combine.


    • Goggle V looks to be a fantastic series, but we’re not involved with that project whatsoever. Not to belittle Aka Goggle’s work in any way of course, but the subs may not even be accurate because it’s not an actual Japanese to English translation.


    • We’ve got a pretty amazing staff already, but thank you for offering. πŸ™‚ If your Japanese is good enough, then I’m sure someone else would be happy to have you though. A lot of people want to start subbing but don’t have a translator to work with you see


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