Ogon Bat (1966)


Surprise! What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a skeleton?? Kidding… But really, we’re so proud to bring you Japan’s very FIRST superhero! Yes, you read that right! Dating back to the early 1930’s (preceding even the Man of Steel or Gotham’s Dark Knight), the tale of Ogon Bat has its roots in kamishibai (or Japanese street theatre/storytelling with illustrated boards). While this particular movie didn’t come along until 1966, hey, you can’t get more vintage than this! Ooh, it’s black ‘n white and everything! And let’s not forget that this is a collaboration with The Skaro Hunting Society, a veteran group whose been subbing since the days of VHS tapes! Getting to work with you was our privilege, Nanto! Thank you so much for the opportunity! Please check out his website, it’s a treasure trove of classic shows including (but not limited to!) the Ogon Bat anime series. Oh yeah, and did we mention that today is actually this movie’s 50th anniversary? Yep, we totally planned this! Are we slick or what? Anyway, we’ve kept you long enough… We hope you enjoy yourselves! We’ll reconvene in a couple of weeks for our annual Status Update, though… Until then! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! ~



Mannn… Where do we even begin? He was the reigning Japanese star and martial artist in international cinema for decades, and has had one hell of a career… It’s hard to put into words just how awesome he is, but here are a few highlights. Once upon a time, he was known for his debut role as the gun toting Koutaro Ran (Seven Color Mask) A.K.A. Toei’s first tokusatsu show. You may also recognize him as Hattori Hanzo (Kill Bill) if you’re into western films. And did you know that he founded the famous Japan Action Club? It was a training academy for aspiring martial artists and stunt performers that honed some of Toei’s finest talent in and out of suit. And..!! Well, need I say more? :3

6 thoughts on “Ogon Bat (1966)

      • This makes the Nightmare Before Christmas look tame at first glance. Hope you have a Merry Christmas, or other religious holiday, and I look forward to the first release of 2017. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      • DAMMIT, we should’ve made that reference… Ugh, what a missed opportunity. But thank you, hope you had a wonderful Christmas/other holiday as well! And we hope you liked the movie if you watched it ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Been busy with work. I had to endure working retail on Christmas Eve with a head cold. Didn’t do much on Christmas but download the movie and watch Doctor Who. Ironic that the special involved the Daleks when you were working with The Skaro Hunting Society. Cybermen are worse because they strip the flesh from you to convert you.


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