Mayday! Mayday! S.O.S.


(And with luck we won’t have to ever again), but we’re officially looking for new members. Firstly, let’s go over ‘why’ we’re doing this. Back in mid-2015 or so, one of us grew in-active and wasn’t able to commit to helping out anymore. We discussed what to do and decided to wait for him/her to come back thinking, “no worries, we all get busy sometimes right?”. But it’s been like a year since then, and… Nothing’s changed. Though we’re fond of the people we work with, it’s just not fair to keep everybody waiting even longer so the bottom line is… We really need a hand. P-Please? We miss releasing so, so, so much… :[ With that said, here’s what we need help with…


Or more specifically, “spot checking”. What do you do? You’ll look over a short list of lines with comments like “I think this is it, could you double check?” or “Sorry dude, it’s too hard to make out and I’m not sure what this is. Any idea?” and help accordingly. That’s it! No subbing experience is necessary (we can teach you!), however, you’ll be expected to be well versed in Japanese AND have good hearing. ‘Cause, you know, these are the lines that even our awesome translators aren’t sure about so… None of our projects have captions available, it’s all done by ear you see. Anybody think they might be interested? Because this is literally all we need to get back on track. D:

If you’re a translator but you actually wanna start a ‘new’ project with us (pfttt), then we can totally discuss that too… But finishing what we’ve started is our biggest concern right now, so please keep that in mind.


This isn’t a priority or anything, but we sure as heck wouldn’t mind a typesetter either. Someone with a good eye for aesthetics and fonts. You ever see subs that make you go “whoaaa!” like Cthuko’s One Punch Man? Yeah, we have no idea how to do stuff like that! …Anybody wanna make our work look snazzy? :’)

If you’d like to apply or have any additional questions, then you’re more than welcome to write us at (or reach out to us via social media). And… That’s it! Fingers crossed, y’all! ;A;



  1. Could you put something up on YouTube about recruiting?

    I don’t know if they’re still around, but Dragon Team was good at subbing Dragon Ball Super. Kami Fansubs isn’t bad either and it seems like they don’t do much else so they may have time to help out. You may also try some of the former members of TV Nihon and Over Time to see if anyone wants to get a back into the game.


    1. I mean, maybe? But why? How would YouTube help? It’s not like anybody would even see the video, right? :S

      DragonTeam is busy with a weekly show with no end in sight, and seems to have trouble keeping up with it. They also haven’t touched any of their other projects in well over a year since starting DBS, so they probably wouldn’t/couldn’t help us anyway. :X

      Never heard of Kami, but they seem to be recruiting themselves so they’re probs in no position to help us either… And a quick search in Google says their work is very poorly done, so. D:

      Asking former members of Over-Time or T-N wouldn’t be a good idea because they probably had a reason for stopping in the first place, and if they ever felt like starting again they would most likely just go back to their own groups.

      Thank you for the suggestions, though πŸ™‚


      1. You could come out with a YouTube channel about other things and have inserts at the end. Some of the new Red Green videos have a message about the new tour and that could be a way of spreading the word. Another channel you might try is Planet Dolan because they have a lot of sub channels with Reddit links and I’m sure that they could help spread the good word.

        As for the other subbers, forget them if they can’t see how good you are and not want to help. If I was a subber and saw that a project was taken and struggling, then I’d jump in so that others know what you are doing. After all, the only thing that allows evil to win is for good people to do nothing in times of need.

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      2. The time it’d take to script + edit + film videos AND acquire enough subscribers or views for it to pay off would be absurd, though… Like, that plan would make zero sense. We wanna be fansubbers, not YouTubers.

        I mean, tokusatsu is incredibly niche and everybody has their hands full with their own work… We can’t really blame anybody for not wanting to help, especially if they’re strangers. Appreciate the thought, though (:

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      3. Sorry. I also tried to do things with YouTube, but everything that can be done without copyright issues has been done and I’ve got nothing else of interest. Hope you enjoy the fall wherever you are.

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  2. Hey I got to listen to the famous Ron Rash today. He talked about his new book today called The Risen and a lot of people came. If you don’t know who Ron Rash is read The World Made Straight and Serena because they’re good reads with good movies behind them. Ron’s a good man, but a little shy in person.

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      1. I got to meet for cast members from The Dukes of Hazard. There was Enos, Cletus, Sheriff Little and… Luke Duke himself. Got to admit, they’re a lot taller in person and didn’t know Tom Wopat was a lefty like me. I also got an inside story from Sheriff Little about when he gave his young daughter a ticket on set. The guys at WB thought it was the meanest thing ever and it made its way into the show.

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      1. You would know, seeing as you lied about your turtle having a birthday party and all. And lied about, y’know, having a turtle in general. Send pics pls. ;~;


    1. Our two Japanese projects, Kousoku Sentai TurboRanger and JAKQ Dengekitai. We may also request help with our collaboration projects every once in awhile (be it GoRanger or the occasional one-off), assuming you wouldn’t mind of course… But yeah, it’s mostly our own stuff that we need a hand with. :\

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      1. Alright then, would you mind mailing me in details how much checking would be needed (maybe with link to the actual raws and scripts) and other project related details (time, communication, etc2)?

        Depending on how much work to be done, I’d be glad to help on both.

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    1. Hey there, Suzu! Hope you’ve been alright (:

      This is one heck of a coincidence, but someone else actually JUST offered to give translation checking a shot too (see the comments right above yours?), so let us get back to you on your kind offer? I hope that sounds alright with you :X

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      1. It doesn’t hurt to have two people, though. Just in case one isn’t available or just not 100% sure. But it’s cool to see some people want to help the group ^^

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      2. Well, I mean, that’s true but keep in mind that we’ve already got two Japanese translators on staff! Three, if you count Ais! Besides, Suzu mentioned she tends to be busy so we shouldn’t trouble her more than we need to πŸ˜› And, right?! It’s so nice knowing that people care ;___;


  3. I guess no luck in getting help huh? This reminds me of the jungle chase scene in Ace Ventura 2 with the best line of the movie. You know ‘aw no one wants to play with me’. All you can do is keep on going.

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    1. On the contrary, we found someone awesome to look over our scripts. :7 Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to spare much time towards fansubbing lately so… Slowly, but surely. Hopefully you’ll get to see a lot more from us once I’m back from my big trip. (:


      1. Good for you. It’s nice to get away. At least your not in western North Carolina where the fires are. I’ve got family in that area and its bad from the lack of rainfall. 😦

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