TurboRanger – The Movie

TURBO (5.5)

At long last, our High Speed heroes are shown in glorious High Definition footage! See what we did there? Okay, before anybody asks… This movie doesn’t actually have a definite place in the show’s timeline, so to speak. It premiered on the same day as episode four, but can be watched anywhere before episode 14. We’re releasing it now, because we have a feeling that this took place before the team obtains a weapon upgrade in the upcoming episode (though there ‘is’ also the possibility that they simply chose not to use said weapons). Also, we’ve revamped our song lyrics and some terminology because they were fossils from our debut and we’ve improved a little bit since then. UnknownAerie, we didn’t use your suggestions word for word but we’d still like to know what you think about the changes? Now, for a quick summary… Today’s bad guy is literally an evil ball of fat who sucks at being a father. Seelon is granted some importance, and there was the most realistic looking fire ever (sarcasm). Surprisingly, our cast of villains all seem to get a decent amount of focus but the rangers don’t..? Oh, and Zulten is into that kinky stuff… Anyway, we truly hope that you enjoy! Let us know if you liked it, yes? We’ve already started on the next few episodes, plural, so worry not! Have a fantastic (almost) weekend! *waves goodbye* ^___^

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Shourikan [Translator + Torrent Maker]
Nemet [Quality Control (QC) + Assistant Editor]
Makibishi [Timer + AegiSub Veteran]
Ais [Translation Checker (Certain Lines)]
Sky79 [Translation Checker (Certain Lines)]
Angel [Editor]


This might be the silliest note ever, but… At [0:05:04.71] Shunsuke ruses Ms. Yamaguchi into looking down and then runs his finger up to flick her nose as she does so. This is aptly called the “nose flick trick”, and was a pretty common gag throughout many childhoods. Now, some of you might be sitting there thinking “I’m not a freakin’ idiot” but we’ve noticed that we haven’t really seen this occur in the past, like, decade… So consider this a reassurance of sorts towards a younger audience or something. Here‘s a related Key & Peele video if you’d like to see more! ~



  1. Remember this movie; yeah somehow Seelon really deserves to do more but outside this episode, she only really has a few more important moments…I think the next is in 13 or so. (the episode before “he” shows up)

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    1. I was afraid of that. You’d think that Seelon would be more significant, being the last fairy and all… It’s like she’s there just to be adorable, lol.

      By “he”, you would be referring to the one whose name rhymes with Bagare Nōma? ;3


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