JAKQ – Episode #04

JAKQ (4.0)

Hiya, we’re back! Bigger than before! …Like your mom! * cue random dudes in the background saying “DAMN!!” * We did consider saving this for Halloween, but we encourage you folks to celebrate by going out for free candy on that day instead. :[] Okay, well. Daichi finally gets to bask in the limelight, and it seems that there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. It’s tragic. And people die. Personally speaking, I thought that they did well in showcasing his good qualities (like his kindness and dedication)… Here’s hoping that we’ll get to see more from him as we progress through the series. And no, Sakurai isn’t being a colossal dick (at least not on purpose)… It’s just that his actor wasn’t all that great. ‘^^ Have a sweet weekend, but please stay safe and be sure to keep your teeth extra healthy! Go get spooked! Until next time! Tootles!



Sky79 [Translator]
Shourikan [Translation Checker (Whole Episode) + Torrent Maker]
Nemet [Quality Control (QC) + Assistant Editor]
Makibishi [Timer + AegiSub Veteran]
Ais [Translation Checker (Certain Lines)]
Angel [Editor]


You actually can determine a specific total from what Yokohama Boss says at [0:05:58.17]. The line is “その額はざっと見積もって数十億円に及ぶでしょう” which literally translates into “The amount, roughly estimated, reaches up to dozen hundred millions” (a whoppin’ ¥120,000,000 or $413,790.00 USD). If you’re curious, $413,790.00 USD in late 1977 is worth $1,629,581.50 USD in 2015 today according to an inflation calculator. But in Japanese, the ‘dozen hundred millions’ part is meant to be sort of “vague”, which is why we simply left it as “millions” in our subs.

The plane that the report pertains to crashed, so what the sign at [0:06:06.28] is indicating is that they’re using a picture of a different plane that looks identical since the original one is gone.

The line at [0:12:33.32] literally states that Daichi was in the middle of “an experiment to live in a submarine”, but we believe that the true emphasis was that he was researching more so about living underwater in general. Because, remember his dream about wanting to build a pineapple city under the sea? So, we tweaked the wording ever so slightly to better reflect this. Is that okay?

The show says ‘reinforcement box’ in this episode yet again, but we’ve confirmed that they do eventually go back to ‘capsules’ (it’s a mystery why they changed it in the first place, really). So, we’re taking a liberty by keeping it capsules from now on regardless of what the narrator says.

At [0:23:37.07], the narrator says “切り札” which is literally “trump cards”. But in context, it’s actually intended to be a pun meaning “key advantage” (in conjunction with JAKQ’s theme), so we’ve decided to acknowledge the pun in both ways rather than just choosing one. Clever points!



    1. I’m clearly not one of the translators, but ‘key advantage’ doesn’t really sound that different in meaning from your examples but that might just be me? :X

      By the way, I was actually hoping to get your opinion on one of the lines so will totally write you in a bit once spare time comes my way >___<


    1. It really is, hahaha “You’re an Olympic Medalist?? You poor thing!” xD It’s even more weird, because you’d think that the group leader would have the most tragic backstory of all but meh lol

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      HOW DARE YOU!!!

      Somebody ‘always’ has to remind me to convert and upload the .MP4, but this time was going to be different!!! I totally made it ahead of time, and was totally gonna have it up before someone could say something but nooo!! YOUUU!!! You ruined the moment!!! My moment of glory!!! It hasn’t even been freakin’ 24 hours yet!!!

      Kidding aside, I did make it already but I won’t be able to look it over until my guests leave in God knows when. So you’ll have to be patient. ‘^^ Softsubbed is the preferred format for many people, really the .MP4 is only a courtesy, which is why they’re not put up simultaneously.


      1. Thanks! My website needs all the lovely subs. Though, I don’t know how to hardcode, so that sucks. I’ve been trying to get people to hardcode Timeranger Case File 20 and 21 and Gingaman vs Megaranger. Life is annoying. Also, do you know anyone who is willing to sub Sentai, I started a fansubbing group, though I need more translators, (I only have one).

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    2. I can teach you how if you’d like. I use a fairly complicated method that Ais taught me, but I should be able to walk you through a different (more simple) way using HandBrake if you’re willing to learn. (:

      Not to sound like your mom, but most groups usually only have one translator so that’s not exactly a bad thing… But I’m sorry, no, I don’t know anyone who’s willing to join a group so I don’t think that we can help you there. ‘^^


    3. I would personally write out said instructions of course, and answer whatever questions you may have… Just, with email we’d have the benefit of not having to be online at the same time because I can pretty much guarantee that won’t happen unless you’re always on the computer or something. ‘^^ Just tell me where to write you, and I’ll try to find the time. 😛


      1. Thanks Dude.. ! THIS IS AWESOME.. No problem bro.. Actually I LOVE SOFTSUB NOT HARDSUB. And always try to find softsub for any movies/series.. PLEASE DONT DROP THIS SERIES. THIS IS MY FAVORITE SENTAI SERIES.. :’)

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    4. Just because I didn’t know what Google Hangout was (which is only two years old, by the way) doesn’t mean that I’m not aware of one of the world’s biggest emailing services……. ‘^^

      Will try to write you later today, am sorry was busy!


  1. Deh didn’t realize you finally finished .J.A.K.Q. 4…yeah, this sadly is Daichi’s only focus in the first third of the series but its a sad one. Probably explains why he undergoes the biggest revamp later on…

    Next time, finally Spade Ace gets his turn!

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