JAKQ – Episode #03

JAKQ (3.0)

Today, (well not literally, since this was filmed way back in 1977) Karen gets to shine in her very own focus episode. Sort of. Sort of… Okay, not particularly. It was actually more about her friend, Natsuko. CRIME’s up to no good, again!? What will they do this time around? You’ll have to watch the episode to find out, hehehe. Hmm… There isn’t much else to say about this one, but those who are well acquainted with the old school Super Sentai series are in for a veryyy special treat!


~ ~ ~


Shihomi was a Japanese actress who was a member of Sonny Chiba’s Japan Action Club (The JAC). She’s appeared in a countless number of martial arts films throughout the 70’s and 80’s, and even had a singing career from 1975 to 1984. As of late, she’s been involved in charity work.


Known professionally as Kenji Ohba (大葉 健二). He is a Japanese actor and retired stuntman who is quite the legend in the tokusatsu genre. He’s suit acted in the original Kamen Rider series, Android Kikaider, and sooo much more including serving as AkaRenger’s suit actor starting from episode 67 all the way up to the finale. He’s also portrayed Shirou Akebono (Battle Kenya – Battle Fever J), Daigoro Oume (Denji Blue – Denshi Sentai Denjiman), and the first ever Metal Hero Retsu Ichijouji (Space Sheriff Gavan) among others. Awesomely enough, he reprises all three of those roles for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger in 2011… At the same time!! He is currently the president of his own action/stunt troupe called “Luck JET”. Kenji Ohba also happens to be my spirit animal.

Special thanks to our wonderful timer, Makibishi, for sharing what he knew with us! Personally, I can never get enough of trivia like this, so I hope that some of you found this interesting as well!

~ ~ ~


Sky79 [Translator]
Shourikan [Translation Checker (Whole Episode) + Torrent Maker]
Nemet [Quality Control (QC) + Assistant Editor]
Makibishi [Timer + AegiSub Veteran]
Ais [Translation Checker (Certain Lines)]
Angel [Group Founder + Other Jobs]


This was a very tough call, but after discussing it amongst ourselves, in the end we chose not to translate the name of the island (Usagi Jima / Rabbit Island) because it is a proper noun. In other words, a place that actually exists in Japan. Read more about it here, if you’re curious! Hehe… ‘^^

For whatever reason, the narrator’s line during the transformation sequence decided to say ‘box’ instead of ‘capsule’ this time. It’s not a big deal or anything, but y’know, it’s still weird. As our Nemet jokingly remarked during QC, “perhaps they were paying the narrator by the syllable”.

Starting from this episode onward, we’ll be stylizing Karen’s weapon as “Heart Qute!” instead of “Heart Cute!” for obvious reasons. We hope that you like the change as much as we do. 🙂



  1. Ah the awesomeness of Kenji Ohba in one episode. Sort of wish better BFJ eps were out there for people to see him in action but hey, they are there somehow or another. Its a good episode otherwise, mostly just for more Karen action.

    Next time: Clover King focus…and puppets.

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    1. Personally, I thought that Etsuko Shihomi was the one who stole the show, but it was neat to see a young Kenji Ohba where he wasn’t expected to be! x]

      You’re right about that, I got bummed out when Rampage told me that they weren’t going to sub Fever after Go like I thought they would. Not that I have anything against Nemet’s work, but you know. :X

      Hm, I don’t recall any puppets! Guess we’ll see! c:


      1. It will become evident. It is a bit of a heart-breaker ep regardless and one of the more interesting of the early part of the series.

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      2. A doll, a evidence of evil … but you know if the laser has destroyed a diode, then how come that the doll has that burn-mark? It should have been burned, right?

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    1. Shourikan’s been trying to get the torrents up for awhile, but Nyaa has basically not been letting him. Some weird technical issue, we’re not really sure how to fix it. :S


      1. That’s very kind of you. I talked to Shourikan about it, and he sends you his thanks! Though, fair warning, there’s no telling when the issue’ll be resolved y’know? D: Still, if it isn’t too much trouble, we’d really appreciate it and would like to take you up on that offer (:


      2. Does he get this teapot song or something? Try using a vpn or proxy to upload the torrent, that worked for me when I couldn’t upload on nyaa.

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      3. Thanks to anon I think I’ll be able to upload them, the issue was that damn Teapot song. I’ll give y’all an update as soon as I get home!


  2. Yeah, thanks ! I’m a bit dissapointed by this episode. Don’t get me wrong, i liked the episode and it’s probably my fav so far. But since it was Karen’s first focus episode, i wanted to learn more about… Well, Karen :p

    Next episode look interisting. Clover King really need a personality so i hope it’s a great focus episode for him XD

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    1. A bit of a warning: this upcoming one is sadly Clover King’s only episode in the first third of J.A.K.Q. He gets more focus later but by then…the revamps will have started.

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      1. @ Ataru

        Whattt. What a shame… The first two greens seem kind of shafted compared to the others, I noticed the same thing with Asuka/Mido back when I was lending a hand with Go. :\ It’s not like they re-write his whole personality though, r-right?


    2. @ Chris

      My thoughts exactly! Wowowoow, there simply wasn’t enough Karen in this episode, amirite??

      It does look interesting, and thankfully Sky’s awesome so it’s already translated. So, yay, I’ll get to watch it soon! c: Looking forward to your opinions on that episode when it’s out, though! ^-^


  3. >Starting from this episode onward, we’ll be stylizing Karen’s weapon as “Heart Qute!” instead of “Heart Cute!” for obvious reasons. We hope that you like the change as much as we do
    No I don’t. Just seems like an unnecessary change.

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      1. It makes as much sense as to add different fonts, coloured text, and effects. Unless they are trying to reflect the actual Japanese of the word, there is no need for the q.


    1. B-but, nothing says “Hey I’m a cutie!” like a stylized change of given weaponry names with a giant pink Q!

      If you ask me, they should have left it as Kokoro Kawaii. :3


  4. I was going through all my sentai folders, seeing what was incomplete, and I discovered your JAKQ subs. You guys have had a bumpy first year so I just want to ask, is this show still in progress? I’ve seen a lot of fansub groups form, sub a few episodes, and then disappear into the nether, so I’m always worried whenever there’s a newish group with a slow release pace and not a lot to their name. I don’t mind the slow pace as long as I know it’s actually being worked on, so some reassurance on that front would be welcome. ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We completely understand your concern. But yes, we’re still active and have been working on our shows accordingly. We’re expecting to have some stuff out very soon. It’s just that sometimes our schedules make us a bit busy, and delays happen as a result. It can’t really be helped. ‘^^

      But while it’s true that we haven’t released in awhile, we really haven’t disappeared in any sense. We’ve still been responding promptly to people through our website, Twitter, etc. etc. etc. It may not have been the most prolific year, but we have in fact been subbing for a year right?? So, if anything, please know that we’re tougher than we look and that we won’t suddenly die off without saying a word. We’ve got this. (:

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