TurboRanger – The Movie’s Trailer

TURBO (5.2)

You’d like one ticket to see the TurboRanger movie? No problem, that’ll be $13.37 (USD)… Just kidding, aha ~ While the movie translations are still being, well, translated… Erm… Here!! Have something cool to look at while you wait! Check out that video quality! Glorious HD! *whistles* Ain’t it beautiful? Really though, wouldn’t it have been pretty freakin’ neat if the whole show looked like this? Blu-Ray remasters, when? Anyway, don’t worry fellas. This’ll be out before you know it. Perhaps later this month? ‘Til then, we bid you adieu and hope to see you again soon!



Shourikan [Translator + Torrent Maker]
Nemet [Quality Control (QC) + Assistant Editor]
Makibishi [Timer + AegiSub Veteran]
Ais [Translation Checker (Certain Lines)]
Angel [Group Founder + Other Jobs]



    1. In mid 2009, I was severely bullied by someone named iHumm on a regular basis… I chose the name ‘Love & Care’ to keep his meanness away from me. 😦

      Actual Answer: I chose to get into fansubbing on a whim, and thought of the group name in that same day while sitting in a bubble bath. I chose the name because I wanted to show that we put a lot of love and care into what we do, plus it had a nice ring to it. It was a good choice though, right? [:


      1. Gee wiz mister, that’s a coincidence! But I think you switched some words there. 😦


        Oh hell yes brother, bubble baths are the way to go. I think you should have gone with the name Lies & Slander. Would have been more fitting… kinda…sorta…. maybe??? :T


        I love you, Angel-sama. Please step on me!

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