TurboRanger – Episode #04

TURBO (4.0)

Voila, here’s another fun episode for you guys to enjoy! Personally, I think that it’s been the best one yet. I liked the various character interactions, and the inclusion of baseball into Riki’s arsenal was pretty neat. I’m trying to think of other worthwhile things to talk about, but I’m kind of drawing a blank… Meep… I don’t know, I’m writing this as I’m preparing to leave for work, so I can’t quite focus! Anyway, we’ll be back real soon with another release! Hugs ‘n Kisses until then!



Shourikan [Translator + Torrent Maker]
Nemet [Quality Control (QC) + Assistant Editor]
Makibishi [Timer + AegiSub Veteran]
Ais [Translation Checker (Certain Lines)]
Angel [Group Founder + Other Jobs]


In the preview for the next episode (towards the end), the narrator briefly mentions “Minokasa Bōma”. ‘Minokasa’ means ‘sedge hat and sedge cape’. So, hopefully you can all understand, we felt it was simply too long to be a name. Hence, ‘Hat ‘N Cape Bōma’. The alternative would have been preserving the name in Japanese, but meh… This was (probably) the better way to go, right?



    1. Beginning last month, we started putting the links on the ‘Release’ page for everybody’s convenience. Sorry for the confusion, I hope that you enjoy the episode though. ^^


      1. (your comment doesn’t have a reply button, so I hope that you see this)

        If you hover over the releases page, it tabs out to show that other page too, but just press the ‘releases’ button itself and you should be good to go.


      2. I think it would be most convenient if you put the download link in both the release page and the release post.

        (Sorry if I sounded rude. That was not my intent.)

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      3. @ Anon

        I’m beginning to think the same thing, actually. But at the same time, I’m kinda hoping that people catch on so that those who don’t care about reading the posts won’t have to bother clicking them anymore. Agh, let’s just see how it goes for now, and we can do it your way if things don’t start looking up. :<

        (Don't worry, I know that you mean well.)


  1. +1 to the posting of links under each entry idea as well. Even those that don’t actually read release posts would assume, I think, for the most part that clicking the release post will reveal the actual release link. Having a Release tab in addition to this is good, too, for those new people coming to your page who just want to catch up on all the downloads they missed.

    Also, thank you very much for subtitling Turboranger! It’s a long-neglected series that I’m glad is finally getting some attention!

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  2. I actually like that technically all five of the Turboranger are in sports and we see that over the few first episodes. It isn’t that important but it does explain some things: Riki’s pitching (leading to a slight thing much later), Daichi in track (though he does end up doing something to do with sumo…but that’s a spoiler), Yohei in swimming (mostly as a coach), Shunsuke in gymnastics and Haruna in baton-twirl…er, majorette. (the last one makes way more sense once the series gets to 6)

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      1. Oops. Yeah watched the full raw; know Japanese. Was trying to avoid spoilers I guess but I did avoid the major stuff.


      2. Oh, darn, lucky you. x)

        Is the show as bad as people claim it is? Because, I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit so far.

        (thank you for avoiding all of the major stuff)


      3. I really like the season; its actually one of my top tier seasons after seeing it. There are quite a few neat twists and admittedly I think this is probably Soda’s writing at his strongest, being the “best of both worlds” between the fun stuff he did with Goggle V and Dynaman and the more complex writing of his later seasons.

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      1. You’re so cute when you’re being a tsundere. :3


        Now is that anyway to address your master? Hmmm??’


  3. I thought the episode was a bit dissapointing. It have some fun moments and it’s cool to learn a bit more about Ricky. But the baseball thing seems out of place to me. If he at least trained to improve his skills it would have been better. Because it felt like “Oh, i can’t do it… But now i can !” XD


    1. Well… It was kind of implied that Riki was already pretty competent at baseball, so I wouldn’t think that we’d necessarily have to see him ‘hone’ his skills on screen, but I know what you’re getting at yeah. xP


  4. This one downloaded perfectly, but I’m torrenting all four of the episodes you’ve done just far, and the first three aren’t downloading at all. Do you think you could reseed them or something (I think that’s how torrents work)?


    1. I don’t have the means to re-seed, and I only have a vague idea of how torrents work… And Shourikan 100% handles ours, so I’ll let him know in my next email to him.

      Though, is there a reason why you can’t use Mega? It’s pretty convenient and you wouldn’t have to wait for us. :X


  5. So i just watched the first 29 episodes of Turboranger (French dub) and i thought you might be interested by another opinion on the show (I’ll try to avoid spoilers, of course)

    Like i said, i was a bit worried after watching episode 3 (or 4 if you prefer) but the next episodes are far better. Don’t expect a super complex plot or super complex characters, but the show is pretty entertaining. It’s definitly a lot better after Nagareboshi’s introduction and all the characters gets some cool episodes even if some get more focus than the others.

    Daichi and Shunsuke are the ones who get the less focus so far. Fortunatly, Daichi episodes are so great that it’s not really a problem. Shunsuke got one or two great scenes but that’s all.

    Yohei is probably my favorite. I was a bit confused at first because i was pretty sure Shunsuke would be the comedic relief and Yohei looked so serious in all the episodes you subbed. But in fact, he can be both hilarious and badass at the same time. Really love him.

    Like i said earlier, Riki is not a complex character but he got a lot of awesome moments. I’ve seen a lot of people saying he is just like Kenta and i’m like “Wait, what ? Because he was eating in class during the first episode ? Because that’s the only thing that kinda remind me Kenta”. I would lie if i said he is my favorite Red Ranger ever, but he can kick some ass.

    Haruna is classic but that’s not really a bad thing. I was affraid she would be “the girl saved by the boys” but i was totally wrong. There’s no reason to scream “Best Pink Ever !!!” but so far she did a good job and she’s one of the character who got the most focus so far. Her first focus episode show you what to expect from her.

    But my favorite character in the show so far is definitly… Zulten. He is absolutly hilarious and for once, i can say than the French VA did a great job.

    I really can’t wait to watch those episodes again but subbed this time. While Zulten’s french VA did a great job, the rest of the dub was terrible XD

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    1. It’s funny that you mention the Daichi episodes being great, since the next one is his first and we’ll be translating that some time this month… Can’t wait. x)

      I actually had high expectations of Youhei (there was this one episode with lots of water that seemed very interesting but I only watched it raw), so that’s a relief to know. I also had the exact same worry for Haruna, but it seems that there won’t be any problems. Hm… Looks like the cast is all fine, though it’s a shame that Shunsuke sounds like he’s been shafted (but I guess somebody had to be, eh… You get used to it with Sentai, unfortunately)

      Hahaha, Shourikan hates Zulten (or at least his voice) since it’s annoying to translate xD

      Though, that’s pretty much half of the show right there! Despite the bad stuff that’s been said about Turbo, it’s very assuring to know that you’ve enjoyed it up to that point. Thanks for letting us know! If you tackle the other half, definitely consider telling us about that too! (:


      1. Daichi’s first focus episode is a bit rushed but still a great episode. But to be fair, episodes were shorter in this era, so i can’t really complain. It’s still a great episode.

        The episode with the water is one of my favorite Youhei episode. It’s the first time they really try to show he is the funny guy of the group but it also show that Youhei can be reliable and serious when he have too.

        Unfortunatly, only the 29 (or 28 if you count the special as episode 1) episodes were dubbed. Only Bioman, Maskman and Liveman were 100% dubbed. I also watched the first 20 episodes of Flashman dubbed in French. 21 and 22 were dubbed as well but it’s hard to find them.

        I also watched Turboranger The Movie subbed by a french fansub team and i thought it was really good. It focus on the fairies and especially Shilon and i think it’s better to watch it before episode 5. Technically, you can watch it after, but since they didn’t use their personal weapons in the movie, it make more sense to watch it after episode 4.

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      2. I’ll be looking forward to it, then. Shourikan said that it was half way translated already! :[]

        Just from the episodes that I’ve seen raw so far, it definitely stuck out so I wouldn’t be surprised if it became a favourite for me as well. ^^

        That’s a shame, they really should finish up things like that……. Eh… At least you’ll have something to look forward to from us, right? Bioman seems especially popular with the French, I’ve heard that it has official subs too. 😛

        Chronologically, it’s placed after the… Oh… I think that we were actually supposed to translate/release the movie next… Wowww, we suck. Fffffff… D:


      3. On that note, it seems that Fiveman got 28 episodes dubbed in French (the least amount of all the shows brought there!), although TokuRider hasn’t managed to obtain much further than episode 1 yet.


      4. Again, they really should finish up things like that… xD

        At least there’s a decent amount of episodes subbed, right? Hopefully somebody will get around to completely subbing Fiveman… I’d like to watch it myself, sometime x)


  6. Yeah, Bioman, Gavan, Sharivan, San Ku Kai are all out in DVD.

    Oh, and by episode 5 i mean episode 4. It’s just that the first episode pf the french dub is not the anniversary special so it take place after Daichi’s episode 😉

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    1. Well, aren’t the French lucky?? All we get in the USA is Power Rangers, unless you count that recent Shout Factory! release of ZyuRanger… >D<

      That's what I thought, that was right right?? But RangerWiki (which is unfortunately the only source that I could find in English) now says this http://prntscr.com/75jjxq but I could’ve sworn that it said that it was after Daichi's episode before… I wonder what happened… 😦


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