Our First Collab!


Our post is a bit late to the party, but hopefully you’ve heard the news already! That’s right, we’ve partnered up with the wonderful folks of Rampage Subs to bring the first ever Super Sentai to a global audience! We know that this is sudden, and believe us, we wouldn’t in our wildest dreams have thought that we’d ever start such an illustrious project either but… Well, look! Here it is! Being avid fans ourselves, we’re (without a doubt) just as excited as all of you are to embark on the tale of our first heroes. We hope that you enjoy our work, and we’ll continue to do our best. And don’t worry, it won’t take this long every time. We’re currently on our second wave of edits for episode 37, 38 – 42 are already in English, and 43 is currently being translated. Lastly, before I forget to mention this, these will be released through this website, so be sure to visit once in awhile! Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve missed working on Turbo and would like to get back into it. Have a great day, and I hope that something wonderful happens to each and every one of you! [:

P.S. – The image above was borrowed from here, while the original sketch is from here. If the artists would like us to remove their masterpieces (meow), then please notify us when you can.

P.P.S. – Before anybody asks, Turbo’s next episode is (more or less) half way done.



    1. Thank you, we’ve really missed working on Turbo so hopefully we’ll be able to release an episode soon. (: GORENGERRR is in good hands though, rest assured!


  1. You’re welcome on behalf of all of us, but Rampage deserves most of your thanks and I’m sure that they appreciate your comment! (:

    I can’t even imagine how it must feel to be reunited with a show after that long, but I hope that you get the most out of our subbing project and that we’ll be able to finish it in the end for everyone’s enjoyment! ^^


    1. I’ll make sure to drop Rampage a line. I have also been checking out JAKQ and Turboranger, which I have never seen before. =)

      I never saw all the episodes, so I would be very happy once it gets finished.

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      1. So glad to hear that! There’s also links to other groups on the top right side who work on other Super Sentai series if you’d like to check those out too! (: Well, excluding MegaBeast Empire (they work on Metal Hero shows)!

        How many have you seen?

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      2. A mixture of a few.When I was a kid in the early 90s (before Power Rangers came out in the US), I had a penpal whom I would trade VHS with. He would send me a mixture of anime (mostly shonen like Dragon Ball and Fist of the North Star), live action shows (different 70s and 80s Sentai shows and Kamen Rider that he could get as reruns or record from his collection), and music programs. We did this for a few years. All of it was raw and it was one of my first forays into getting obsessed with learning Japanese and about Japanese culture. (Way before the internet, BTW. Very difficult to research these shows back then.)

        Honestly I don’t know the exact series, but likely random episodes from 7-10 different Sentai series. I did get the first 10 episodes of Himitsu Sentai Goranger. I did check out some of the links to the side and went on a download frenzy over the weekend. My wife and I spent the evening watching Goranger last night. =)

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      3. That is absolutely old school, and I absolutely love it. I had Bioman and Flashman in my childhood, but it was nothing like that x)

        I hope that you and your wife had a blast, then! If you need some additional help finding what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask me ^^ There’s also https://lovexcare.wordpress.com/releases/guide/ if you just want a general idea of who did what over the years ~

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      4. Will do! The amount of dropped series on there is unfortunate (but out of 40 series… understandable). I generally don’t have much problem with listening to the raws, even though my Japanese is subpar at best. My wife, however, doesn’t understand the language which is why I’ve been hunting for the subs. I haven’t seen Bioman or Flashman yet, but they are on the list of things to find.

        We have a lot of 1970s and 1980s Japanese anime and live action series/ movies in our collection. Personally I can appreciate those more, because they were less reliant on digital special effects and more reliant on skill (though acting skill is questionable sometimes ^^;).

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      5. Well, the amount of dropped series might be a bit deceiving because a lot of ’em are already scheduled to be picked up by other groups (IE: MillionFold Curiosity will be starting Dynaman soon, Imagination Station will start GoGo V etc. etc. etc.) There’s already a solid selection of fully subbed shows though, so your wife is in luck (:

        Flashman is very popular, so I’d recommend it if you could spare the time. We’re planning to pick it up after TurboRanger if you’d prefer to watch it with your wife + subs (but it may be quite awhile until then), but the raws are available here for you since you understand Japanese http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=443369

        I definitely get what you mean about that, hahaha


      6. Thanks for the link. I’ll watch it. I looked up Bioman and Flashman and I recognize the costumes, so I have likely seen a few episodes. Will be nice to watch them again and see how much my Old Man Brain remembers. =P

        I did manage to watch some streaming on Veoh. It’s about the only way I can catch some series. One I wish folks would pick up is Sukeban Deka 2 and 3. If you haven’t seen Sukeban Deka, it’s amazing (also has very good music).

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      1. No problem, I chanced by it, believe it or not…looking for a subbed version of Mach Go Go Go! Which is WAY too hard to find anywhere.

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      2. No kidding! I was lucky enough to get them on DVD a long time ago. Still missing some episodes. (That and all of the original Astro Boy. I know when I see those series that I have to pick them up ASAP because they will disappear quick.)


  2. So glad you’re working on Goranger!

    Question though — it seems like the latest torrents aren’t working at all. I’ve gotten all your episodes up through 37 just fine, but the 37 v2, 38-39, and 40-41 torrents are showing zero seeds, zero leechers, and they’ve been just sitting there (some for weeks) with 0% progress.

    Any chance you guys could upload the episodes directly to Mega? All your releases there are easily and quickly gotten… thanks!

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      1. Thanks so much!

        Unfortunately I still can’t see any seeders; it still says 0/0. Am I the only one who can’t access these?

        Right now it’s downloading Ohranger 36 just fine, so it’s not like the torrent program isn’t working, it just doesn’t see anything on the RS-L&C or Rampage files. Bizarre. I even deleted the torrent files and redownloaded them from Rampage in case they were somehow corrupted, but even so, it still just doesn’t see any peers or seeders…

        I’ll leave it running and see if it ever does catch on. I do very much appreciate your efforts! And if Clock Up can get things running and get some DDLs, that’d be excellent too. Thanks again for all your hard work!


      2. SentaiFan, are you doing hard subs or soft subs? I’ve been seeding the hard subs all night. If it is soft subs, I can’t help you there because I never downloaded them. Sorry!


  3. I loaded both the hardsub and softsub torrents, but neither ever connected. Bizarre. I do appreciate you trying though!


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