TurboRanger – Kenta Satou Live (2006)

TURBO (3.2)

This probably isn’t the release that 99.7% of you wanted, but please consider it a small token of our… Well, you know. If all goes according to schedule, then it’s safe to say that this is merely the tip of the iceberg, so you can expect a lot more from us this month. ^^ On topic, this was Kenta Satou (better known as Red Turbo)’s live performance from Super Sentai Spirits 2006. And, wow. What an uplifting song. Anyway, please enjoy this to your heart’s content, and we’ll have more viewables ready before you know it. The download links are on our ‘Releases‘ page! Cheers! [:



Shourikan [Translator + Torrent Maker]
Nemet [Quality Control (QC) + Assistant Editor]
Makibishi [Timer + AegiSub Veteran]
Angel [Group Founder + Other Jobs]


Hama Youhei ~ We owe great thanks to you for having taught us how to properly create this raw, while still maintaining a good standard of quality… There was a steep learning curve involved, and you were all too helpful and patient throughout the whole process. You’re awesome, dude!

Bunny Hat (FortMax) ~ For creating the original raw, of course! M’hm!



  1. By the way… If anybody would like help cutting out a certain part of Bunny Hat’s Super Sentai Spirits raws, then I’d be happy to lend a hand if you don’t know how… So, just let me know. I won’t bite.


  2. Thanks for this, but I think you should post the link to your releases on the release post. I only found it by clicking releases on top, but not everyone will.

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  3. While I genuinely love your tv scripts, the song translations…. feel like they could do with some modifying a little, if you don’t mind me saying. Would it be okay if I suggested some lyric mods?
    (on a slightly related note: do you guys plan on doing the insert songs whenever they crop up, or not?)


    1. I mean, sure, if you’d like to. Nothing about them seem “ew, what?” though, at least for me. But, I’d run them by Shourikan to see what he thinks. 😛

      I’m personally not a fan of insert songs, I find them distracting, but it’d depend on whether Shourikan (or our other translators depending on the project) are willing to take the time to translate them I think.

      Heck, let me just direct Shourikan to your comment, I think this would be better if he replied himself… ^^ *says Angel after writing out a long reply…*


      1. Same here, it’s just, in my opinion, songs are kind of an area where people should want to really fiddle around with the translation a bit, even if the rest was fairly literal. In any case, this is mainly me nitpicking because I’m a fussy asshole :P. You don’t have to take anything I say seriously, because translation really is a subjective thing. If all y’all find them find, then I see no reason to take my mods in consideration. That said, the changes I made are here http://pastebin.com/tdyCsDQg. Any stuffs not listed weren’t changed.

        Personally I really like them, I find they add to scenes more often than not, but again, different folks, different opinions.


      2. Alright, being 100% honest with you, I myself don’t think my song translation is the best, lol. Translating lyrics is a little different from doing spoken text, as you pointed out.
        I don’t think you’re nitpicking, and all input/criticism is welcome! And I like your suggestions, so, if you don’t mind… Can we use them?

        About insert songs, I honestly think they distract you too much from the action in case there is karaoke, so I don’t plan on translating them on the episodes. Maybe I could take a shot at them and post translated lyrics here, if people would like that, but that’d be it.


  4. In all fairness dude, I have nitpicks with the way EVERYONE subs songs most of the time. Such is being an anonymous critic, I guess.
    Of course dude! You don’t even have to ask. I’m just glad I didn’t offend you!

    Fair enough, that’s a good reason. And if you want to, go ahead and post them, but you’re not obligated to do so.


    1. To be fair to both of you, there’s actually aspects that I like about both versions. :X I guess that we’ll be giving the lyrics another look see once episode five is started, though I was kind of hoping that we wouldn’t have to fiddle with them again until the final batch or something lmfao


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