Status Update – 2015

UPDATE (1.0)


Hello there, you wonderful Sentai fans! Is 2015 treating you well so far? *Ahem* Okay, so, it’s been approximately a month since our last release as a group, so I figured that the least that we could do is address some of your questions that we get on a more frequent basis. Thank you all so much for, not only supporting and encouraging our work, but also for being understanding of our schedules. Hopefully this post will give a bit of insight on what’s going on with L&C behind the scenes, and of course we’ll do our best for you this year as well. [: If there’s something else that you’re wondering about, then please feel free to leave us a comment below, and we’ll answer back at our earliest convenience. Hmm… Let’s see, where would be a good place to start? :3


We know, we tend to release like turtles… So, a handful of you have offered your time and wondered if there was any way to help us out. That’s very considerate, but our group is actually fine on a technical level. It’s just that our main translator is usually the busiest person out of all of us, and there’s nothing practical that we can do to move forward without him since his share of the work is crucial in what we do. If we could manage to run across a third ‘Japanese to English’ specialist (which is unlikely), then we could perhaps start a different project with better pacing, but otherwise there’s not much else that can be done. We’re really sorry about that.

“.MP4’s WHEN!?”

UPDATE: (02/19/15) .MP4 files for all of our current releases are now available, and will continue to be alongside all of our upcoming work as well. So, please grab them if you’ve been waiting! Thank you all for being patient, but this new encoding method shouldn’t cause any more issues!


Of course, our next planned release is episode four and it will be started soon. In terms of timing, up to episode ten is done (Bishi is awesome), with the movie standing next in line to be scripted.


The batch quota that LFSSS set back in August is fulfilled as of December 2014. Simply put, the translations for episodes one through five (plus the movie) are all completed, though I haven’t received a majority of them to QC yet. However… While we do help out with that particular group, please keep in mind that none of us are actually in charge of it, so those episodes will be made available publicly whenever our friend Someone New feels that they’re ready. As for episodes six and up, I’m under the impression that they will resume per usual afterwards (at least I think so)…

On a final note. We do have an upcoming surprise or two for you guys as well, but nothing more than that will be said about this particular subject for now. So, please do keep an eye out for ’em!



  1. I hope new project is Fiveman because I haven’t seen GUIS working lately, and it kinda very long to see them release new episodes for Fiveman, they still have Bioman và Liveman (remake) to complete

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    1. Bunnyhat’s working on the Liveman v2s, so it’s up to him when they’re out. Also a quote from virushopper regarding GUIS’ active projects “Just so we are clear only Bioman, Liveman V2 and Changeman are “active” projects.”


      1. So Fiveman is dropped? I mean, it’s already been over a year since the last episode release, but for them to outright confirm it is a shame. It would have been nice to get the show subbed one way or another. 😦

        As for those Liveman v2’s, Bunny Hat mentions working on them once in awhile on Twitter, so they should be finished before we know it ~


      2. Well, it’s definitely a possibility if it’s still up for grabs whenever we finish off one of our current projects. I’d enjoy working on it, but we’d rather somebody else pick it up in the mean time if it means that people won’t have to wait for it you know?

        We still have TurboRanger and two surprise projects, so we’ll be kept occupied for quite awhile. :X


  2. My guess for Sentai #1 is Goranger (since Deltasubs is kinda dead since all The members left when they realized the guy was just stoling scripts), or J.A.K.Q. I thought it was Dyna or Denzi before this post though XD

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    1. Dynaman would be great, but it may be awhile until we have a chance to start another series. We have so much planned for you all this year, and it’s a lot of work on our part okay. :X

      I heard that MFC’s Lynxara loves Dynaman, though… So it may be a potential project for them in the future, and I love their work, so that may be something to look forward to ~


      1. Lynxara retired from active fansubbing a while back though, if I recall correctly.
        Not saying it’s not possible MFC might do it, but just that it wouldn’t be done because an ex-staff member likes it.

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      1. Can’t blame you. It’s always exciting to start a new project. As much as i love Turbo so far, i can’t wait to see What is you secret project (Even if apparently, my previous post have the awnser XD)


    1. Hiya, if things go according to plan then we should be able to release a few things throughout March. We know it’s been awhile, so maybe it’d be best to let our work do the talking this time around.

      Please look forward to it. [:


      1. I learned a new word today, thank you. xD

        We’ve been giving the first surprise our undivided attention, but at least one of our March releases should be TurboRanger related.

        Sorry for the wait. I’m super glad to hear that you’re enjoying it, though!! ^^


    1. We have no intention of dropping Turbo, don’t worry. 😛 Our translator is just really, really busy with life so the translations come slow…

      Episode four is half way done though, if not more.


      1. What project? :S We’re not working on Flashman anymore, sadly. LFSSS didn’t last…

        Two other groups are interested in Hurri, so there’s no reason for us to do it.

        As for JAKQ, who knows? Maybe, maybe not. 😛


      2. No idea what to tell you… I was actually going to tell Someone New that I was quitting LFSSS, but I never even got the chance to do that. :\


      1. While JAKQ is the shortest official Sentai…

        Lower quality video/audio issues, a lack of captions, on top of the outdated Japanese terminology makes it arguably one of the hardest shows to translate.

        Shir from Grown Ups In Spandex actually gave up on it, and he’s quite the talented translator, so that should give you an idea.

        Still, we do have one more surprise up our sleeves, so you may be pleasantly surprised. Who knows. ^-^


    1. False. We have every intent to finish Turbo… Our translator has just been incredibly busy… So busy… Sooo busy… :[

      As for Flashman, as far as I understand, our partner group LFSSS has died so that project is on hiatus for the time being.

      I guess that I’d like to handle Flash through L&C eventually, considering nobody else starts it, but not until we finish Turbo at least.

      The only reason why we’re not picking it up immediately, despite having five episodes and the movie translated already, is because we have a different series that we’re hoping to start soon.


      1. >different series.
        I know you’re definitely not going to give an outright answer (because that would definitely ruin the surprise), but is it a Kamen Rider, Sentai or Metal Heroes show?

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    2. Si. I know that starting a new project sounds a bit silly considering how slow we’ve been, but it’s planned to be handled by an entirely different translator so it’s our hopes that it’ll allow us to release faster…

      It’s a Sentai, good sir. 😛

      We haven’t given much thought to subbing any Kamen Rider and/or Metal Heroes yet. The idea of working on Space Sheriff Gavan was entertained at some point, but it seems to be lower on our interest list so we probably won’t get to it unless we become some crazy successful group like Over-Time.


      1. I don’t know, MegaBeast Empire does half a million things super slow (like whens the last time they released Ultraman Dyna, Andro Melos or Robot Detective), but I don’t see anyone complaining about them/calling that silly.

        I think that would be dependent on how good the other translator is. I’m not trying to sound negative, I’m just saying.

        Is it the same show you mentioned on twitter that guest starred Kenji Ohba?

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      2. Well. I think the main difference between MBE and us would be that they have a lot more released than us no matter how you look at it. Still, there’s much respect to be had for a group whose putting their own money on the table to get those shows subbed, so hopefully they’ll be able to finish up their projects without any trouble (sooner or later). 😛

        The translator that we had in mind is said to be quite capable… I’m not sure what more I can say for the time being, though. We may not have Kou or Heat, but we love what we do so it’s our responsibility to keep ourselves going y’know?

        Yes, yes it is! You have no idea how pleasantly surprised I was to see Kenji Ohba! x)


  3. I guess, though in fairness they had a good couple of months/better part of two years to get a head start release-wise. And what do you mean by putting their own money on the table?

    Cool cool, best of luck.

    And now I have a decent guess as to what this other sentai show you’re doing is. *cue evil laughter*
    (Unless jp wikipedia has missed any of his guest roles in tokusatsu :V)

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    1. Well, that’s another way to look at it I guess. 😛 Hopefully we’ll have that much released in two years ourselves. Oh, I heard MBE doesn’t have a translator of their own so Champstice pays for professional translations out of his own pocket… I think there’s a few exceptions, but you get the idea.

      Thank you. [:

      If you’ve figured it out, then shhh! Just wish us luck that the project takes off successfully! x)


  4. i will be no surprise if this group shutting down like Evolution Fansub previous who work on 2 ep of Turboranger..I think who ever work on Turboranger will get the same fate, just 2 episodes..


    1. Don’t worry, we’re just fine. We’re hoping to release this ‘n that fairly soon, actually.

      Also, we technically did three Turbo episodes already (and five episodes of GoRenger via collaboration), if that makes you feel any better. 😛


    2. Sorry to disappoint, we’re not going anywhere. Also, between Turbo, Goranger, and our other project which should be coming soon, we’ve completed quite a bit, y’know?


      1. Well, I’m sorry you guys feel that way. There’s other fantastic groups out there if we’re not fast enough for you, but monthly(ish) releases aren’t all that bad though.


      2. Then, what are you doing here if they are sooo slow for you and if you follow some “fantastic group” (Even if i think your definition of “amazing” is so fast i don’t have the time to go on their site to complain) ? Create your own group if you want faster release. Constructive criticism=\= Complaining because i want my sentai faster…


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