TurboRanger – Episode #02

TURBO (2.0)


Hooray, it’s officially here! This is where the story actually takes off, and marks our first episodic release without any sort of translation assistance. So, please, do leave us some feedback letting us know if we did a fine job or not. Besides that, there isn’t much else to say (I think). Uhm. I thought that it was a bit awkward that they had their butts handed to them in their debut fight, but otherwise… Oh, whoops, I didn’t mean to spoil that for you! Excuse my rambling! >___< Honestly though, between the cute gimmicks (Combination Attack!!) and sound effects, while flashing peace signs to the audience like there’s no tomorrow, I’m really enjoying the show so far! And, well, I hope that you are too. Also, it’s somewhat late already, but Happy Pepero Day!



Shourikan [Translator + Torrent Maker]
Nemet [Quality Control (QC) + Assistant Editor]
Makibishi [Timer + AegiSub Veteran]
Angel [Group Founder + Other Jobs]


We chose to translate fairy “glasses” into fairy “goggles” out of preference, because it seemed appropriate enough. Dazai actually says “glasses” in English, but c’mon, just look at them…



  1. Just Watched the episode. The only weird thing i noticed is at 12:14. The Professor say “Yousei Glasses” and the sub say “Fairy Goggle” or something like that. Not sure If it’s a mistake or the translator’s choice.

    Really liked this episode and your work ^^

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    1. You’re going to have to wait a bit. Normally, we’d offer the .MP4 along with the other one, but there’s a technical issue that we’re trying to figure out…….


      1. I’m not sure if this will help, but I have been able to hardsub/convert a mkv to mp4 with a program called Handbrake for the PC. It’s a really simple program, just make sure you check the ‘burn in’ box on the subtitle tab, otherwise it will be a raw Japanese mp4.

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      2. HandBrake is what I normally use. I’ve converted for friends a number of times before, so I’m familiar with it already. But, for some reason, EVERY subtitle isn’t showing up in the .MP4 file and I haven’t been able to figure out why. I haven’t changed my routine at all, which is what makes it really weird.

        Thank you, though. (:


      3. Instead of Handbrake and I assume you are using Windows OS, you can use Avisynth + meGUI. x264 on video, NeroAAC on audio. Though if you’re new to both apps, learning curve is a bit steep if you’re going to learn on your own.

        In Linux, which I use now, I use ffmpeg – but the learning curve of that is much steeper than Avisynth + meGUI. All is command line (and thought I also mention that ffmpeg is cross-platform and can also be used in Windows and Mac – but yeah, learning curve is very steep if you’re learning on your own.)

        If it’s inevitable you use Handbrake, and subs doesn’t show up in hardsubbed mp4, and also Windows OS, I have a hunch you have to update Handbrake or you have to update the VSFilter. That’s just a hunch though. I don’t use Handbrake myself but reading here – https://trac.handbrake.fr/wiki/Encoders – and other posts I found of Handbrake, I have a hunch Handbrake uses ffmpeg as its core in encoding. So maybe Handbrake uses ffmpeg’s libass in hardsubbing. If it is, can’t say for sure why subs aren’t showing up in hardsubbing (maybe a bug?)

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    2. Yes, I use Windows 7 and 8 depending on which computer I’m on. Both of those methods sound a little over my head, but I suppose I could give them a try if I can’t figure out what’s wrong otherwise… >_<

      For the time being, I'll try to update HandBrake and cross my fingers that I get lucky, thank you for the advice. (:


      1. You can ask me if you want a guide. It took me quite a while to get the hang of avisynth + meGUI and encoding in general. Back in Windows XP, I probably learned weeks learning the apps, trial and error – learning encoding in months and still learning, but I’m probably exagerrating haha. I didn’t liked Windows Vista, and since I started using it in class and I need it the OS in my career, I switched to Linux and prefer Linux now. I just incorporated most of what I learned in avisynth + meGUI and encoding in general in ffmpeg in Linux. I’ll contact you at lovexcare@hotmail.com in a bit.

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    1. Thank you ~ But, we’re already well aware, it was just our preference. 😛 Oh, and also to match the numbers accordingly with the raws that we’re using. ^^ Tags such as {Special} and {Promo} were used to differentiate them, however.


  2. Instead of using positions for the different sub types…regular dialogue, narrator dialogue et……. Set them up in styles manager. Ex:regular dialogue, i kept the font, but changed margins left-30 right-30 vert-20. narrator dialogue, everything was the same as regular dialogue, except alignment went from a 2 to an 8 (putting words centered up top)….these setting take into account tv overscan.

    The other change I would make is the japanese letters……….my computer doesn’t have those fonts…….so when i hardsub them……they are jibberish. (i just end up deleting them all together).

    Just some suggestions to make your lives a little easier

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    1. We actually know the ‘right’ way to do it, but the positioning like that was just my personal preference. >___< Thank you, though!

      The Japanese letters was also another preference… I am sorry about causing you trouble like that, though… Erm, you could always use the hardsubbed .MP4 that we provide if you're having an issue with making your own? :X Granted, I haven't actually made this episode's yet, but it shouldn't be that long until I do!


      1. can i make a suggestion? please make the subs vertical position higher than 20, because I sometimes watching it @TV set and you know subs that too lower gets cut


      2. What in particular is being cut off for you? That’s odd though, I never turn off the overscan mask during the editing phases, and everything shows up perfectly fine on my own telly… :X


  3. as i stated for 4:3 formatted video……..left margine-30, right margine-30, vert-20 these are values which fall within overscan on tvs. Anything less and subs could get cut off.

    also try vidcoder…….to make mp4 http://vidcoder.codeplex.com/ use most recent beta

    sometimes when you make moving, flashier subs, you need more specific programs or some subs don’t show up


    1. Sorry, sorry. This next episode has been passed back and forth quite a bit during the editing phases, which is why it’s taking as long as it has (my fault). It’s practically done at this point though, so thanks for being patient with us.


  4. I’m quite confused. I have checked all three entries for Turboranger episodes but I can’t seem to find a download link anywhere? These don’t seem to be on Nyaa either. So how do I actually download these episodes?


    1. There’s a tab that says “Releases” near the top of our website. (: Also, we do have torrents on Nyaa, just try terms like “TurboRanger” or “L&C” ~


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