Quick Update – Font Revamp!

TURBO (1.1)


Hiya, I hope that all of you have been well! We’ve gotten some feedback regarding the typesetting and such, so I thought that it would be for the best to chat about it real quick. If you don’t like our work, then stop complaining, or we’ll quit forever (I’m kidding). Clean and subtle was actually what I was going for, but I can see why people haven’t warmed up to it (it’s ehhh), and adding a bit of flair is an easy compromise so we’re definitely willing to build upon it. I’m currently looking into an array of different fonts, though none of them are quite final yet, so expect to see episode one refurbished “soonish”. If there’s a style in particular that you think would suit us, then please, feel free to share! We were actually hoping to release the promo and episode two as a quick follow up later this week, but we’ll figure things out first before knocking out more viewables. Please continue to give your thoughts, as well as your support, and we hope that you all stick with us through Turbo (and beyond)! Thank you for reading our words, and have a pleasant day!



  1. Fancy or unique fonts aren’t what you need. I can’t imagine anyone complained about the font for THAT reason. More likely, it’s because you used a shadow, kept the subs a bit too close to the bottom of the screen, and didn’t use a bold font. It’s usually best to use a small number of simple fonts, which is what other groups (O-T, MFC, GUIS, etc) do, for the most part.

    A couple fonts that look good on SD shows might be OldSansBlack and Trebuchet MS.

    Also, these might be of use to you guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6zXR6Bg7fU & http://doki.co/support/doki-timing-guide/

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    1. Somebody made a remark about how all new groups only use shitty default fonts (referring to us), which kinda sucked to hear..It was my first shot at timing and such, so I guess I still have a lot to learn, but I’ll try to keep everything you said in mind and improve.. ^-^

      Trebuchet MS does look rather nice, actually.

      I’ll take a look at the links tomorrow and see if I can learn anything, it’s already late where I live. Thank you very much though, it’s pretty awesome that you dropped by from Haro to give us advice. c:


      1. I just really wanna see new groups succeed and get good.

        By the way, you know you don’t need to assign the font, font size, and position in the lines themselves? That’s taken care of by the styles, usually. If in doubt, you could just steal the styles from one of MFC’s or GUIS’s releases (or ours).

        Oh, and one more thing. Try to make sure different people are on editing and QC. Then there’s less chance of errors or odd wording being left in the final release. Make sure the QC has a good eye for catching spelling/grammar/timing errors. You also wanna make sure that everything sounds as natural as possible (unless a character actually speaks in an idiosyncratic manner), so it really helps to have a second set of eyes to go “wait a sec, this sounds off,” on occasion. Good communication between the entire group can go a long way, too.


      2. Yeah I saw that bit of criticism, it wasn’t really called for, the subs were clean and readable. I’m enjoying your first episode, Angel. I never got to see the older subs of this show by the other group…can’t remember the name. So this is my first viewing of it.

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    2. Agh, I’ll apply the styles more then. :X

      Nemet and I both QC, and edit to some extent, so we should be fine I think. Nemet actually used to be an English teacher!

      Could I trouble you for an email, so that maybe I could get some feedback before attempting the second time around? Write me at lovexcare@hotmail.com if you’d like! (Yes, I’m well aware that I can see your email, but it’s still polite to ask)

      Danny, it’s not just mine, all of us put in a lot of time and work. c: Dead Fish also translated this special, and you can watch it here if you want to see the differences between our releases. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=273639559338199


      1. Oh thanks for the link. And I know this is a group effort, so yeah I thank you all for the work. If you think you need to change anything, do so, but other than that, I like the episode.

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      1. Don’t believe everything you read in Wiki. His name is Koumouri Kaijin wich mean Bat Monster. Pretty much every name on this page are wrong.

        You can watch Megabeastempire’s release if you want another confirmation…


    1. For the disappearance of my comments I am responsible, and I apologize again. You’re right, that was a mistake indeed, as I had said at first. Right afterwards, I remembered the reason why I had it as Man Bat, which is why I replied again, and deleted the original one. Then, after watching Nemet’s and MBE’s episodes, I figured the Wiki probably is wrong anyway, and deleted again. That was a mess, I’m really sorry. We’ll fix it when we’re revamping the font, and I won’t be doing this kind of things again.


      1. Ah ok. I started to think It was my imagination.

        Usually, this Wikia is reliable but the Battle Fever J is absolutly terrible :s

        I Watched the rest of the episode and It was the only error i saw. It must be hard to translate a special like that since most of the type the narrator and the characters talk at the same time. The reason why i noticed the mistake is because i watched this episode at least 5 times XD.

        There was another thing i noticed but i can’t call that a mistake. I don’t remember exactly where (i’ll rewatch the episode tomorrow) buy the narrator say “Aoi Emerald” so “Blue Emerald”. That’s another name for Earth. They used it in some 80’s Sentai. In the sub, It was translated as “Earth”.

        Like i said it’s not really a mistake since it’s the Same thing but i thought It would be interisting to mention it.

        So overall i think you did a good job 🙂

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      2. Nah, that actually happened, lol. Just poor judgement on my part to delete the comments.

        Well, that’s great to hear! Thanks for the support, and for pointing that out. As for the Blue Emerald thing, it didn’t fit the line well, so I didn’t mention it in order to not make it weird or unnecessarily long.


    1. Oh, pfttt, I knew that! Like I said in the update post, we were actually hoping to release episode two and the promo in the same week, but instead decided to go back and change the way we do some things first. The typesetting is practically being redone from the ground up because I’m a newb, while somebody experienced actually volunteered to do our timing, so we should be ready to start releasing again soonish. I owe a great number of thanks to Corin and Milky (above me), so hopefully everything is smooth sailing after the revamp. :X


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