TurboRanger – Episode #01

TURBO (1.0)


Ta-da!! Are you guys surprised? The release of this episode officially marks our debut into the fansubbing world, so expect some typical newbie jitters, though we’re ecstatic about our first and will do our best to further commit to excellence with each follow up. Turbo is often regarded as a mediocre installment of the franchise and was supposedly unpopular amongst children (though it had moderate success with older audiences), which is all the more reason why it felt so right to start this project; in the hopes that maybe people will come around, and learn to adore the show as they give it a proper chance. To start off, this is a special which celebrated Super Sentai’s 10th anniversary, with both of Shotaro Ishinomori’s works not acknowledged in the count. And, it’s rather neat because they actually showcase their predecessors and make them look pretty awesome (warning – there are minor spoilers regarding the other series in this, so do not watch if that matters to you). Either way, there was a lot of stuff to do behind the scenes, but it was completely worth it, so you should totally watch and let us know what you think. Oh, and be sure to point out mistakes if you see any, we’d appreciate it. Cheers! Be sure to have a good time! [:



Hello there, fellas! This is Shourikan, the translator. Angel first approached me about Turbo sometime ago, when I started doing Flashman for LFSSS, and I was thrilled, because I’ve always wanted to watch Turboranger and now I finally have an excuse to do so, lol. Episode one, this special, was actually hellish to translate, since there’s plenty of lines you can barely make out, and all. I hope everyone enjoys it, and please stick with us as we work on the rest of the series!


Shourikan [Translator + Torrent Maker]
Nemet [Quality Control (QC) + Assistant Editor]
Makibishi [Timer + AegiSub Veteran]
Angel [Group Founder + Other Jobs]


VictoriousImagin ~ Shared his ideas with us and offered encouragement, did the translation checking (just this once), and is an overall pleasant guy who really knows his stuff.

Someone New ~ Helped us locate and even fill in a couple of (frustrating) missing lines that were a bit difficult to hear properly, thanks to some Japanese and his vast knowledge of these shows.

Goggle-Anon ~ The first person to offer help to us, ever. Unfortunately, he was too busy, so he wasn’t able to get back to us in time to TLC… But, it’s the thought that counts most. Right?

JFBladeX ~ For going the extra mile each and every time, in an earnest attempt to help out whenever he could. It was truly appreciated, and wherever you are now, I hope that you’re well!

VirusHopper ~ Gave us some general advice before our debut, as well as confirmation that Grown Ups In Spandex had no interest in tackling this particular series. Shir hates TurboRanger!?

Bunny Hat (FortMax) ~ For the incredible raws! Seriously, the quality of his work is top notch. Thank you so much for making it all available for public use! We wouldn’t even have had actual video footage to start our projects with otherwise, which wouldn’t have been a good thing…


Zulten’s full title is actually supposed to be translated into “Rage Flying Bōma Zulten”, but in the end, we opted for “MadFlyer Bōma Zulten” instead (minor localization) because he’s a recurring character and something about his original name didn’t feel right (plus ‘MadFlyer’ sounds cool).

We chose to go with the ‘Denjiman’ spelling, as opposed to ‘Denziman’, though the latter is arguably the “correct” way if you read the kanji itself. It was really just our preference, that’s all.

Around [13:04:00], the Changemen audibly shout while firing their team weapon. The phrase is simply “-Ka!”, as in ‘Power Bazooka’, but this was a rare moment where the line felt negligible enough to leave out from the script (just in case if anybody was wondering what was said).



  1. Oh WOW, why have I not seen this release before just now?! Angel’s name icon link thingy brought me here, btw. This is amazing, good luck on the series!


  2. This is not the real episode #01. This is the 10 special & as such, you should name the file as that. Otherwise, fans will be confused. I’m saying this b/c I saw fans confused when another group released that (only b/c the raws they were used to name this special as #01. I also have this kind of raws). Ppl may know when they read the post but after some time when they watch the series, confusion might arise. Only saying, not nitpicking.


      1. But, yeah, that link will be updated alongside our episode releases. Now that I think about it though, I should probably find a place to put it somewhere on the website. Right? Right. :X


    1. Supposedly. We even reached out to GUIS before we released our first episode to make sure that they didn’t have any plans to work on it. :\ We were told (several times?) that we’d be fine since Shir HATES Turbo, and that was one of the reasons why we chose it in the first place… And yet… zz


      1. They probably figured that since they’re on a Soda kick, might as well go all the way (except Goggle V, because Shir doesn’t care about anything pre-Dyna) by ending with Turbo and Five before retirement.


      1. Yeah, that’s lame. “Don’t worry, you can work on this show… No, JK ! We’re probably gonna change our mind and finish it before you !!” –‘


    2. To be fair this was asked back in late 2014 and they’re not ‘technically’ doing anything wrong but… The thing that bothered some of us the most is that we’ve been considerate towards their interests from the very beginning but we were clearly not given the same courtesy in return.

      But again, we’ll just have to wait and see… In the end, the important thing is that Turbo ‘will’ be getting subbed though right? Shir’s a great translator, and fast to boot. And whatever happens, we’ll find a way to manage. But your sympathy and support are always appreciated here (:


      1. That’s cool. The way I figure, the best way to feel like you’re not going to have your toes stepped by anyone else is by picking something that no one else would normally consider doing.

        Like, I dunno, Mach Baron?

        Liked by 1 person

    3. But that’s what we already did with Turbo… All of our projects are the ones that were pretty much untouched by anyone else until we came along. Anyway, that’s besides the point ;-;

      I feel like I’ve heard of Mach Baron before (maybe our timer Makibishi brought it before but I’m not sure), but we’ve never discussed it as a project before. It’s a 70’s era show though, so we probably wouldn’t do it unless Sky’s up for something else after JAKQ and she ‘wants’ to do it. Mach Baron seems more up the alley of Hi No Tori, MegaBeast Empire or maybe even The Skaro Hunting Society if you want to ask them x-x


      1. Well in that case, I think Jiban could be possible. Moon-Lighters are way too busy with Dragon Ball Super (not to mention Detective Conan, which is currently on hiatus) for the foreseeable future.

        Besides, even if people are doing Metal Heroes in order, it’ll take a while before they get to that entry.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Shourikan likes Jiban. I’m actually supposed to watch a bit of it at some point to see if I like it or not, but it hasn’t been discussed beyond that. There ‘is’ a strong possibility that we’ll do a Metal Heroes series at some point though (as we’ve mentioned before), even if it’s not that one in particular.


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